Fort Collins, COMotherlove Herbal Company is getting a refresh, with new product packaging that will debut in stores in the coming weeks. The new packaging reiterates Motherlove’s values of supporting new and expecting moms through updated design to stand out on store shelves. 

Motherlove chose Faven Creative for the rebrand, and the creative team consulted with healthcare professionals and customers as well as lactation consultants. Faven Creative Founder Alicia Potter explained, "From our research, we discovered how much growth and change had happened in the pre/postpartum category. There are countless new brands that have a strong visual and emotional appeal to new moms today. We knew the quality and efficacy of Motherlove products are one of the best, but that was not going to win over the consumer alone. New moms were looking for brands they can trust and knowing the people behind the brand is important to them. Motherlove was founded by an herbalist mom over 30 years ago and her daughter runs it today. There is an authentic, deep, and beautiful story here that sparked the new visual identity and packaging design. The design focuses on colorful vignettes of herbs being passed into a mother’s hand – the true heart of Motherlove. In the end, the rebrand was more than pretty packaging. It reframed how Motherlove connects with moms on a deeper level.”

Motherlove has a history dating back to the 1980s, providing all-natural herbal products for expecting and new moms. CEO Silencia Cox said, “As the natural baby products industry grows and our distribution grows, we wanted our brand to convey a sense of the trust that we’ve built by helping millions of moms over almost four decades. Our new packaging better helps moms decide which product is right for them through clear and well-designed details of product benefits, ingredient list, and certifications.”

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