Ford Lauderdale, FL—To celebrate its 40thanniversary, Life Extension announced its corporate rebrand in a press release.

Searles called the new packaging "an evolutionary new look for our revolutionary products." Image courtesy of Life Extension.

The new look will be on all of Life Extension’s offerings, from a new logo and tagline to product packaging, delivery boxes, catalogs, website, emails, social platforms, magazine, buildings, and more. The website will become even more informative; the new Health Basics pages will help website visitors discover the latest science and research, and the refreshed navigation will make it easier to locate products and services.

Paul Gilner, CEO, said in the release: “Our brand is who we are and what we offer to the world. Just as the science of health and wellness continues to evolve, so must we also evolve to meet the needs of today’s health conscious consumer. We want to do all we can to empower our customers to achieve their wellness goals and to redefine aging and wellness. The new logo with the tagline ofThe science of a healthier lifeties all we do and who we are together and symbolizes our commitment to our scientific approach and our customers’ health.”
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Rey Searles, VP of Marketing, added: “Just like our products, a lot of thought and research went into our brand development. We also sought out the ideas and opinions of our target customers to help them find the information they feel is important. Overall the newest evolution of Life Extension is a change for the better.”