City of Industry, CAAIDP Inc.announced in a press release that it has been appointed the exclusive U.S. marketing and sales partner for BIOHM FX, a probiotic formulation introduced byBIOHM Health LLC.

The probiotic has been scientifically shown to significantly inhibit biofilm formation, the release says. Biofilm builds up in the digestive system the way plaque builds up on teeth, protecting bad bacteria that upsets the gut microbiome. With a combination of good bacteria, good fungi, and digestive enzymes, the company says BIOHM FX can help maintain the balance of bacteria and fungi in the gut and break down digestive biofilms.

Mark Thurston, president of AIDP, said in the release: “We are constantly looking for innovative ingredients that provide unique benefits within their categories. BIOHM’s probiotic formulated ingredient provides a new approach to digestive health. While most probiotics help increase bacteria in the gut, the research supporting this new ingredient suggests BIOHM FX may help break apart stubborn biofilms. Not only this, but the BIOHM probiotic also contains enzymes, bacteria and fungi. This is a truly unique ingredient.”

Afif Ghannoum, president of BIOHM Health, said in the release: “We are excited to partner with AIDP and take our company to the next level. AIDP’s expertise in emerging and innovative digestive health ingredients made them the perfect partner for BIOHM FX.”