Bloomingdale, NJ—Nutraceuticals Group has acquired the exclusive U.S. rights to offer the patent-pending Spanish ingredient H20Slim to the U.S., Canada, and Korean supplement manufacturing markets, according to a press release.

H20Slim supports calorie control through lipid trapping. It is sourced from common mushroom, the release says, removing concerns about heavy metals and allergens. It is not considered a novel food in Europe and has been accepted by Ministries of Health in 6 countries, making it easier to pass U.S. regulations

David Romeo, international business consultant at Nutraceuticals Group, said in the release: “We are excited at the potential in this ingredient, and are well positioned to introduce H20Slim to the top manufacturers of the supplement industry, and they are going to be excited about it too because the studies we’ve seen on H20Slim show some really impressive results.”

The ingredient hit the U.S. market this spring, the release says, where it is expected to be offered to priority existing clients first, and opened up for general sales in September.