What do women think about their health and wellness? Everyday Health.com did a survey to get some fresh perspectives and the leading wellness priority was stress management while the top-ranked factor for overall wellness was financial security.

The October online survey included a diverse group of 3,000 American women ages 25-65 and included married women, single women, women with and without children, women of different races and ethnic backgrounds, and women living in cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

Key Findings And Highlights
  • The top 5 women's wellness priorities of 2017 (in order of importance): stress management, sleep, exercise, healthy eating, and anxiety management.
  • The top 6 factors that influenced women’s overall wellness included: financial security, being “as healthy as possible,” feeling supported/loved, feeling confidence, feeling energized and passionate, optimism and balance.
  • The top 8 hindrances of women's wellness in 2017 were, from greatest to least: stress and anxiety, weight/BMI/waist size, body- and self-image, financial security, emotional and mental state, work-life balance, medical challenges, and fitness.
  • The top 5 wellness facilitators of 2017 were: fitness, social life and trusted relationships, relationship status, financial security, and career and professional satisfaction.
  • The top wellness priorities by geographical location were:
    • From the West: "What's on the inside counts more than what's on the outside."
    • From the Midwest: "Feeling supported and loved by others."
    • From the Northeast: "Finding enough ‘me’"
    • From the South: "Having a healthy and satisfying sex life.”
  • The top write-in wellness influences, in no particular order, were: relationship conflicts (neighbors, coworkers, family), caregiving to a loved one (person or pet), spirituality (nondenominational), medical issues, Trump and politics.
  • The top 5 health and wellness fears were, in order: cancer, bad debt, living in pain, no health insurance, and mental illness.
  • Nearly one third  of respondents (32%) were more afraid of being alone than of getting diagnosed with cancer.
  • Nearly three-fourths of respondents were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their wellness.
Despite the many struggles American women faced in 2017, which included threats to women's reproductive rights, right to safe sex, and sexual harassment and abuse allegations in Hollywood, politics, and the nation at large, almost half of all women surveyed reported feeling loved, cherished, supported, or special to someone else.

For more details, visithttps://www.everydayhealth.com/wellness/state-of-wellness-women/