South Plainfield,NJWholeFoodsMagazine is partnering with ConnectMii, a video meeting technology provider, to create VirtualMart, a way to make it easy for you to learn about new product offerings in all natural products categories without leaving your store.

“I am thrilled to offer you a new and innovative way to connect and meet with Natural Products manufacturers,” said Heather Wainer, publisher of WholeFoods Magazine, inannouncing the live online interactive platform, a first for the industry.

Starting in September, you’ll be able to request and preschedule one-on-one meetings in real-time. ConnectMii’s video meeting support team will be on hand to ensure your meetings take place efficiently and without technical issues.

“The inaugural VirtualMart for the Natural Products Industry makes it easy for you to find new products and get the business-to-business meetings you need,” Wainer added. “Enjoy the experience!”

VirtualMart is free to retailers. Retail buyers canclick here to sign up.Manufacturers can sign on for a special introductory rate of $3,750, which includes 10 meetings and a six-month catalog listing. For manufacturers and suppliers who want to sign up, visit

Published in WholeFoods Magazine August 2017