Haddonfield, NJ— Stephen Strassler, founder and co-owner ofReviva Labs, passed away suddenly in his home last month at the age of 86. For 40 years, Strassler positioned Reviva Labs as a leader in natural skin care, overseeing many breakthroughs and manufacturing hundreds of products.

“Stephen was one of the first people I met in the industry,” said Howard Wainer, president ofWholeFoodsMagazine. “In my opinion we just lost a real class act.”

Heather Wainer,WholeFoods'publisher also expressed regret for Strassler's passing. "Stephen was a pioneer in natural cosmetics and has been keeping everyone looking younger for years,"  she said. "He was a very special and caring man who will missed."

Strassler is survived by his wife Judith Strassler, son Ian Strassler and grandchildren Rachel and Alexander Strassler.

Posted on WholeFoods Magazine Online 11/18/2016