Dr. Michael Murray, author of more 30 books about natural health and director of product science and innovation at Natural Factors, will host one of the largest online summits from March 14 through March 22. Registration for the "Natural Medicine, Healting and Wellness Summit" is free at http://naturalmedicinesummit.com.

Murray will interview 30 esteemed experts who will cover topics such as secrets to brain health, graceful aging strategies and how to naturally support diabetes and heart conditions. Experts scheduled to speak at the Summit include William Sears, M.D., Stephen Sinatra, M.D., Joseph Mercola, D.O., Mark Hyman, M.D., and several others.

Upon registering, individuals will receive access to three talks on health and wellness and an Ebook copy of 7 Steps to Glowing Skin by Trevor Cates, N.D., and three videos to the Master’s Coaching Program by Daniel Amen, M.D.

Published on WholeFoods Magazine Online 2/26/2016