New York, NY—The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) announced its “8 Wellness Trends for 2019” in a press release.

The top two trends are “Well Fashion—Way Beyond Athleisure” and “Wellness Takes on Overtourism,” according to the release.

“Well Fashion” makes some pointed observations: overconsumption of clothes has an “insanely destructive environmental impact,” the press release says, and an equally destructive effect on the people underpaid to make it, and on the people who wear it. The GWS suggests that the future will see sustainable textiles, celebration of those who create them, and personalized fashion that adapts to environmental and bodily changes.

"Fashion Cycle" from the Global Wellness Summit & Institute

“Wellness Takes on Overtourism” notes that overtourism is the #1 issue in the travel industry today, and that countries are tackling the issue by coaxing tourists to wellness sites: hot springs bathing outside of Dubrovnik, Croatia; stargazing and forest bathing in Misugi, Japan instead of a visit to Tokyo. The desire for healing, serene oases will overwhelm the desire to fight thousands for a glimpse of the Mona Lisa.

Other trends include fragrance as medicine, meditation, and personal nutrition. For the full 100-page report, complete with examples, go here.