Dallas, TX—Coffee lovers will be sipping their brew to celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29, and many will be enjoying it with plant-based creamer. Mooala released a survey that shows 62% of Americans prefer adding plant-based milk to their coffee. The survey also showed that 82% of Americans are consuming as much or more plant-based milk in their coffee than they were five years ago.

For National Coffee Day, Mooala is working to educate consumers on the importance of choosing organic plant-based milk and creamers. 

Why do people prefer plant-based milk and creamer?

According to the survey findings: 

  • 56% of respondents believe it’s better for health. 
  • 42% of respondents prefer plant-based creamer/milk to dairy options.
When it comes to coffee, 76% of respondents said they consume two or more cups of joe a day. And a majority of Americans polled (86%) said they would give up wine over coffee. 

“It’s widely known that choosing organic coffee is important—it’s better for your health, better for the environment and promotes sustainability,” said Jordan Campbell, VP of Marketing at Mooala. "But the irony is that only 8% of people drink their coffee black. So what are the remaining coffee drinkers putting in that cup? This National Coffee Day, we wanted to open the conversation about why it’s important to choose organic coffee enhancements. Regardless of whether you choose plant-based or dairy milk, selecting USDA-organic guarantees that the product is made without toxic pesticides, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.”

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The survey also found some fun results regarding who Americans would love to have a sip of coffee with. More people choose former First Lady Michelle Obama over Harry Styles, Joe Rogan, or Lizzo. 

Mooala’s plant-based milks are USDA organic, plant-based, dairy, gluten, and carrageenan free, and non-GMO.