Boulder, CO—Palm Done Right has partnered with Denver Zoo to encourage consumers to Shop Smart to Save Sloths. Sloth populations are threatened by unsustainable harvesting of palm trees, as the animals naturally inhabit tropical forests in South and Central America that are affected by deforestation. 
Denver Zoo is launching a new Sloth Exhibit this month at the northeastern corner of the Zoo’s campus. This will be home to two members of the Linne's two-toed sloth species—"power couple" Elliot and Charlotte, the press release states.
The new exhibit aims to create awareness for Palm Done Right and help spread the word about the importance of sustainable palm oil production. Visitors will learn about the importance of protecting the sloth's natural habitat and how they can contribute by making conscious product choices that help protect the planet. The "Adopt-an-Animal" Program will feature several brand partners committed to sustainable palm oil sourcing, like NutivaMary’s Gone CrackersYum ButterWay Out Wax, and Oregon Soap Company.
"Species diversity is crucial to preserving our living planet for future generations," said Monique van Wijnbergen, Sustainability and Corporate Communications Director at Natural Habitats, in the press release. “That is why we support and train farmers to manage their plantations and surrounding conservation areas such that wildlife is protected."
Zoos, she adds, play an important role in wildlife conservation and educating their visitors to make choices that protect our planet. 
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