Minneapolis, MN—U.K.-based Wicked Foods announced that it will launch its product lineup in the US Markets in Summer 2021. Created by brothers Derek and Chad Sarno and funded with investments from Unovis, the brand aims to improve the lives of humans and animals globally through more sustainable and exciting plant-based meal solutions.

“Our mission is to help people cook and eat more plants knowing that we’ll be saving millions and millions of animals each day which improves our planet while supporting our farmers and our health,” said Derek Sarno, Co-founder of Wicked Foods, in a press release. “We’ve created the tools, recipes and products to make it simple, flavorful and fun for people to eat more plant-based foods in the U.K., and we are excited to now bring these to the U.S., Canada and other European countries.”

The brand's expansion is being led by new CEO Pete Speranza, a CPG industry vet and Unovis partner, who will bring his extensive experience and tactical know-how to the brand’s day-to-day operations.

“In my nearly 25 years in CPG, I haven’t seen anything quite like what Chad and Derek have been able to create with Wicked Foods,” says Speranza. “Their commitment to producing the most crave-able, sought after, chef-crafted plant-based foods is driving huge demand in the UK, and we know Americans are ready for this genuine and unapologetic approach to plant-based eating. Beyond that, it’s not only vegans that are creating demand but also mainstream consumers who want in on alternative protein options that put flavor first.”

As part of the brand launch, Wicked Foods announced it will ask its consumers to “plant your flag” to share where they’d like to find the plant-based products. Those who input their city ateatwickedfoods.com will receive a free copy of the Wicked Mushroom Manifesto, a digital collection of the brothers’ most popular recipes that highlight the techniques to transform mushrooms into “meat.”

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