Los Angeles, CA—Seeds of Change, Mars Food’s organic brand, is partnering with Big Green for Plant a Seed Day 2020, according to a press release. Plant a Seed Day is a global movement started by non-profit organization Big Green and Founder Kimbal Musk to mobilize kids, families, and communities to plant a seed to grow real food in their home or classroom. The second annual Plant a Seed Day will take place March 19, 2020.

Seeds of Change is helping kick-off the 2020 Seed Pledge Platform to enable anyone, anywhere, to pledge to plant seeds next spring. Signers will receive access to a library of gardening guides, planting tips, and more, and can connect with a network of other people who are making the pledge.

The first Plant a Seed Day resulted in over 1.2 million seeds being planted by over 217,000 people in 45 countries. It received attention from celebrity activists including Salma Hayek, Nick Jonas, Ian Somerhalder, to name a few. Seeds of Change donated 200,000 packets of seeds that year.
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“The Seeds of Change brand was founded 30 years ago with two purposes—to preserve the biodiversity of seeds and to revolutionize the food system by pioneering organic farming,” said Isabella Chia, Senior Brand Manager, in the press release. “We bring that to life by partnering with organizations like Big Green who align with our brand mission and the Mars Food purpose to create a better world tomorrow through better food today. We share the belief that change requires collective action, and Plant a Seed Day has the ability to mobilize communities to take meaningful steps toward building a better food system.”

The press release notes that studies have shown that participating in gardening as a child is the most important contributor to positive attitudes and actions toward the environment as an adult. Gardening opportunities, even in cities with few green spaces, can be enough to instill an appreciation and respect for nature.

Musk said in the release: “Plant a Seed Day is a call-to-arms. It’s a push for action. It’s a drive to make a change in how we eat. Seeds of Change is a dream partner for us in this initiative, as they share our common values to take action in order to live and thrive in a more healthful, beautiful world.”