Bloomingdale, IL—For years,NOW has been alerting Amazon that bad actors featured on the site are misleading consumers. NOW has conducted testing on brands that sell:NOW uncovered brands that have misrepresented ingredients and dosage.

NOW's latest efforts at self-policing lesser-known dietary supplement brands sold on Amazon

NOW identified a brand posting Certificates of Analysis (C of A) from a third-party testing lab on their website confirming fill weight. The C of A did not include identity, potency, or purity. It just indicated that the weight of the capsule meets specifications. Why a document like that is problematic, according to NOW: the average consumer is unlikely to know that weight has nothing to do with identity, potency, or purity. And these, NOW said, are the hallmarks of quality.

NOW alerted Amazon directly, and hope to see more change

"I think many of us had hoped that Amazon would institute safeguards that would marginalize companies engaging in this type of behavior," said Dan Richard, NOW Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing. "My wish is for Amazon to be very specific in their documentation requirements, be fully transparent with their rules, and enforce them for all brands selling on their platform."

As a result of efforts by NOW and other in the industry, includingOrganic & Natural Health Association, Amazon has instituted stronger requirements for dietary supplement sellers. However, more is needed. As NOW notes, "this C of A trick is yet more evidence that those brands are just finding other ways to mislead consumers."

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