Kerry Group announced the opening of its new, large-scale and modernized taste manufacturing facility across Africa.The new $40 million facility is located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. It is planned to produce sustainable nutrition products. The new facility, over 100,000 square ft in size, will be one of the brand’s most environmentally conscious manufacturing plants. Sustainability measures include: low energy usage equipment, solar power generation, waste heat capture, and water capture with an overall goal of reducing waste consumption. It is further expanding its Development and Application Centre in Nairobi, Kenya to continue the development of sustainable food processing.

The Coconut Coalition of the Americas welcomed three new members to its organization this week. The companiesKentaste,Apex Coco and Solar Energy Limited, andCocoNiftyjoined the brand. Kentaste partnered for a corporate Bronze level membership and Apex Coco and CocoNifty have been initiated as Associate Members. Kentaste is an African-based company, Apex Coco and Solar Energy Limited is based in India, and CocoNifty is headquartered in the United States.

Open Book Extracts publicized the completion of the first phase of toxicology and safety testing for its cannabinoid ingredients: cannabigerol, cannabinol, and cannabichromene. The findings revealed that the ingredients were non-mutagenic, non-clastogenic and non-genotoxic. The toxicological test is the first emerging data of its kind. AIBMR Life Sciences Inc. conducted the toxicological studies to investigate the safety of its consumption that will support a Generally Recognized as Safe independent conclusion or New Dietary Ingredient application. 

Nutrify Todayhas shared the news that its first Nutrify C-Suite Summit, which will be held annually in Mumbai, India, is already 90% sold out. The Summit, which will be on June 17, will give companies within the nutraceutical, food technology and pharmacy industries a chance to conduct deals, network, and expand their businesses. Participants will become part of the ASINDOUS (Asia-Indo-US) HIGHWAY, which features coordinated business practices and knowledge of global innovations. The event will unite senior executives (composed of buyers with sellers), as well as government leaders from ASEAN countries, India, and the United States.

Arjuna Natural released the results of a study showing that Rhuleave-K can help ease pain. Its product, Rhuleave-K, an exclusive blend of extracts of turmeric and frankincense, offered pain relief for acute joint and muscle pain. The study showed findings of fast pain relief after exercise. Its results came from a randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter study. This product can help pain resulting from sports, weight lifting, or activities like running. This product varied from slow-acting herbal treatments and natural supplements and had fast-acting effects.

Holistic pet food and treats company, I and love and you,” announced on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day their donation of over three million meals for animal welfare organizations. Representing the brand’s mission to supply high-quality and flavorful nutrition to pets, the company has donated around 2,000 meals per month to shelters across the country.

MycoTechnology has shared news of its partnership with Oman Investment Authority. This joint venture will produce locally-sourced dates for its mushroom-based protein. The brands will build a production facility in Oman to expand and commercialize its source of nutritious, sustainable protein. It will be created using MycoTechnology’s proprietary fermentation platform, which makes use of mushroom mycelia to create its ingredients. Construction of the new facility is planned to start in the first half of 2023, with commercial production scheduled to begin by 2025.

Biocidin Botanicals Research Inc., rebranded as Biocidin Botanicals. The company has announced its new name, design, and categorization for its botanical products. It has also launched its new platform, “Microbes Matter Most” and new product line: All Biocidin Botanicals. Its products are free of common allergens, unnecessary fillers, and artificial colorings and flavorings. Its product formulations strive for optimal health by sustaining balanced microbial ecology and are now grouped into five categories: Remove, Bind, Restore, Defend, and Smile. 

Tate & Lyle PLC has acquired Nutriati, an ingredient technology company developing and producing chickpea protein and flour. It has announced its acquisition of certain assets, including intellectual property assets. Nutriati’s responsibly-produced chickpea ingredients, launched in 2018, are nutritious and plant-based and offer a taste and mouthfeel experience. Both the Artesa Chickpea Protein and Artesa Chickpea Flour can be found in leading non-dairy, plant-based meat and gluten free brands in the United States. This deal builds on a distribution agreement signed between the companies.

AWAKE Chocolate, the first ever caffeinated chocolate and an alternative to coffee, announced the launch of its No Sugar Added line with zero sugar. Its new line features healthier snacks in different flavors: peanut butter, almond sea salt and dark. Each flavor contains 0g of sugar, is keto-friendly, Non-GMO, and gluten-free. This product has a dark chocolate base and as much caffeine as a half cup of coffee (50mg). The No Sugar Added line is crafted with simple ingredients, and no artificial flavors, or aftertaste. The line is available at and will be available soon on Amazon.

GC Rieber VivoMega announced the expansion of its manufacturing facilities with the construction of its new facility based in Norway. The facility will open in 2024 at its Norwegian manufacturing location. This facility will allow for the expansion of its reach to consumers and double their production of high-end triglyceride form of omega-3s EPA and DHA and omega-3 products. In addition, it announced the building of a 32,000 metric ton tank park and new technology platform in their current manufacturing locations. The new facility will be designed with flexibility to back future growth in omega-3 high-end concentrates.


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