Friend of the Sea has certified Mom’s Garden for its commitment to using sustainably sourced fish oil in its omega-3 supplements, according to a press release.

Mom’s Garden is a German company that has developed products based on scientific research, focusing on innovation and efficacy. This philosophy includes a commitment to using earth-friendly fish oil, harvested and extracted through sustainable fishing practices. By complying with the Friend of the Sea certification guidelines, Mom’s Garden can guarantee the traceability of its fish oil back to a well-managed and sustainable source.

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“As the demand for omega-3 fish oil grows, so does the demand for fishing important species like sardines and anchovies, which are rich sources of the omega-3s EPA and DHA we and our pets need for optimal health. Mom’s Garden believes that ensuring healthy seas is essential for guaranteeing a healthy planet for generations to come,” said Leigh Danielsen, Director of Innovation and Sourcing, USA & Europe, Mom’s Garden, in the press release. “By certifying our products with Friend of the Sea, Mom’s Garden can be assured that our fish oil is sourced from the best environmental choices.”

Paolo Bray, CEO and Founder of Friend of the Sea, added: “It’s encouraging to see a company like Mom’s Garden commit to sustainable fishing practices. It sends the right message to consumers about the importance of preserving the ecosystem and the species that provide us with these valuable nutrients.”