Whoopi Goldberg has partnered with The ONE, Nutrition Just for You, a company formed by Naomi Whittel, to launch a line of products containing the West African plant SpiceFruit.

SpiceFruit can help support balanced blood sugar, normal blood pressure, and healthy cholesterol levels, all struggles which disproportionately affect Black people, according to a press release. The plant is grown in Cameroon, where it is used as a spice. Cameroon native Julius Oben, Ph.D., Dean of Doctoral School of Science, University of Yaoundé, said in the press release: “After completing my PhD and related work in England, I returned to Cameroon to continue my research and look for natural solutions to metabolic problems. In Cameroon, fewer suffer from metabolic conditions, and we have narrowed this down to the spices used in everyday life in Cameroon—these spices likely being the reason for better metabolic health among Cameroonians.”

This is the first time Goldberg has partnered with a nutritional brand, the press release states. Goldberg commented: "When COVID-19 struck, we all became acutely aware of our immune health. The Black community has been hit especially hard because of all of our preexisting conditions. Now is the time for us to take our health into our own hands. The ONE, Nutrition Just for You is just that—just for us. While everyone can use it and benefit from it, The ONE, Nutrition Just for You was created with Black folks in mind for the issues that seem to be hindering us most."

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The line includes Gloslim SpiceFruit; #BeBeautiful for hair, skin, and nails; and #StressLess, an ashwagandha-infused product.

"I have dedicated my entire life's work to discovering and sourcing the purest, and most potent effective nutritional ingredients from around the world and bringing them to the U.S. with the goal of helping people get healthy," said Whittel in the press release. "I want people to not just survive but to thrive. Everyone deserves to have easy access to high-quality, trusted, and transparent products at prices within reach—which should be a right, not a privilege. I have dreamt of launching this brand for more than six years, and I am beyond excited that the day has finally arrived—on Whoopi's birthday no less!"

A portion of all proceeds will be given to Baby2Baby, which provides children 12 and younger with diapers, clothes, and other necessities.

"The measure of the success of this brand will not be in our bottom line but rather measured by the number of people we empower," Whittel commented. "It's my objective to create an impact that becomes a movement to help build healthy, flourishing communities—from the people who grow our ingredients to the people who use our products. For me, this is the ultimate goal."

The products are currently only available on Amazon andSpicefruit.com.