London, UK—IADSA has released a short video explaining the role of Codex Alimentarius in the global regulations of food supplements, according to a press release.

Steve Wearne, Vice-Chair of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Image courtesy of IADSA.

The videowas launched by Steve Wearne, Vice Chair of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, during IADSA’s ‘100 Minutes’ online member meeting. It introduces the IADSA Guide to Codex standards, which covers the horizontal and vertical rules impacting the food supplements sector, the press release says. Those rules cover topics ranging from health claims to additives and contaminants. The Guide also highlights how, why, and when consensus was reached. The Guide can be foundhere.

Codex is a collection of internationally recognized standards and codes of practice regarding food production and safety, the press release explains. IADSA is a Codex observer, allowing the association to contribute its expertise to Codex committees working on issues surrounding dietary supplements.
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Steve Wearne said in launching the video: “I’d like to congratulate IADSA on the production of this short video and of the IADSA guide to relevant Codex texts that it references. I can think of no better example of a Codex observer organization taking a lead in helping us to deliver our strategic goal of increasing impact through the recognition and use of Codex standards.”

Simon Pettman, IADSA’s Executive Director, added: “Codex Alimentarius is very important for consumers, policymakers and businesses. Our new video will help us to increase awareness of this and highlight how consideration of the wide range of Codex texts is crucial when it comes to formulating approaches to food supplement regulation.”