We’re asking shoppers to share what they love about their local natural products market. This month, the spotlight shines on one shopper’s experience at Wil-Ar Farms, in Newville, PA.

“My favorite farm store is this little country place called Wil-Ar farm located in Newville, PA,” says Carlisle, PA resident Autumn Boyle, founder of the blog Lectin Free Mama. She explains that Wil-Ar is a co-op of Amish family farmers, all growing produce organically and raising animals on open pasture and grass.

“The difference in nutrients between pastured animals and feedlot animals is no longer up for debate,” says Autumn. “Studies show fresher, riper produce and pasture-raised animals have more favorable nutrient profiles than their conventional counterparts. The improvements in my health are reflective of this fact.”

Autumn first found Wil-Ar when she was looking online for a local source of raw A2 milk. Since the farm doesn’t have a website, they rely on reputation and the willingness of consumers to share their information online—something Autumn herself is more than willing to do. “The first time I opened their tinted refrigerator doors to check out their selection of raw dairy, I felt I had been transported to Europe: whole, raw milk products in glass jars, from milk and kefir, to yogurt and thick, heavy cream that makes the best homemade ice cream I’ve ever tasted.”

Following a lectin-free diet, some of her favorite items to purchase include raw A2 milk, kefir, and heavy cream; pastured, soy-free eggs; seasonal chemical-free produce, especially mixed greens and fruit—peaches picked ripe from the tree next to the building; soup bones and organ meats.

“They also stock dry goods, like big bags of Celtic sea salt and jugs of apple cider vinegar,” she adds. “They have cheeses, homemade ferments and broths, all different cuts from various animals, including wild salmon. It’s hard to believe a small farm store could be a one-stop-shop, but this place comes close.”