NJ Labs reports on FDA warning letters

NJ Labs reported FDA warning lettersthat will be issued to companies that have failed to validate that their water systems consistently produced water suitable for its intended use. Water system suitability could pull the plug on the production of food, beverage, cosmetic, nutraceutical, and over-the-counter or pharmaceutical products if companies are not conducting total organic carbon water testing analysis on a regular basis, according to NJ Labs. Some letters state that certain companies use water from their water systems as a component to manufacture drug products, but have not established that the water system is adequately designed, controlled, maintained, and monitored to ensure that it is consistently producing water for its intended use.

New Chapter Partners with S’well

The like-minded Certified B Corporations paired up to create a stylishreusable vitamin case designed to make it easy for consumers to organize vitamins & supplements on-the-go while being sustainable. The S’well x New Chapter Vitamin Case is a washable, 7-day wellness organizer that fits up to 8 pills per day, helping people stay consistent with their daily wellness habits while traveling. The go-anywhere cases are made from 18/8 stainless steel and are BPA/BPS-free.

PhytoGaia announces clinical study on diabetes

The study showed squalene was effective in lowering proteinuria in type 2 diabetes. Researchers from the Tehran University of Medical Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of California, San Diego, found beneficial changes in systolic and diastolic blood pressure. In addition, there were beneficial changes in blood urea nitrogen and albumin. 150 patients were studied during an 84-day period. There was a healthy control group, a diabetic control group, and a diabetic group. Groups consumed 200, 400, or 600 mg of squalene daily. The group with daily 200 mg and 400 mg squalene were shown to have a 10.83% and 16.14% reduction respectively, while the 600 mg group had a reduction of 25.81%. 

The Simple Root certified by Plant Based Foods

The Simple Root has received plant based certification from the Plant Based Foods Association. The Simple Root products, including dips, cream cheese-like spreads and artisan cheese-like spreads, will now carry the Certified Plant Based seal. To become certified, products are independently reviewed and verified by the global public health and safety organization NSF International. There are currently only 1,100 Certified Plant Based products in the U.S.

Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd. announces product launch

Nutritional Growth Solutions, Ltd. announced the launch of its Healthy Heights products in South Korea through ecommerce after a supply agreement with South Korea’s largest online retailer, Coupang Co., Ltd. The non-exclusive agreement will see NGS’ versatile portfolio of Healthy Heights products stocked through the popular online retailer, including the recently launched KidzProtein and KidzProtein Vegan lines. The NGS product line includes its flagship Healthy Heights Grow Daily 3+. With a base of whey protein and select minerals, this scientifically formulated and clinically tested nutritional shake is designed to help kids reach their maximum height.

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