Milan, Italy—Indena shared the news that its Meriva Curcumin Phytosome has been shown to be an effective oxidative stress modulator, and also to support kidney detoxing and filtering functions. Chronic renal disease is an inflammatory-based disorder, and new studies showed the effectiveness of curcumin Phytosome in being a natural and safe aid for the support of healthy kidney functions.

The firstnew study, from the University of Milan, looked at 20 healthy volunteers and 24 subjects with chronic kidney disease (CKD), which is recognized as a risk factor for developing cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). CKD subjects followed nutritional counselling and were supplemented with Meriva for six months; at baseline and after 3–6 months researchers evaluated uremic toxins, metagenomic of gut microbiota, and nutritional, inflammatory, oxidative status.

The findings: Curcumin significantly leveled plasma proinflammatory mediators and lipid peroxidation, Indena reported. Also, after 6 months of curcumin supplementation researchers noted a more balanced composition of the intestinal microbial population in CKD subjects using healthy volunteers as control group. No adverse events were observed in the supplemented group. Indena added that this study extended the condition-of-use “maintaining kidney healthy” previously explored by the University of Chieti-Pescara, which evaluated supplementation of Meriva in subjects with temporary kidney dysfunction (TKd) and increased oxidative stress levels.

A second study from University of Chieti-Pescara had subjects follow either standard management or standard management plus Meriva supplementation; subjects were divided according to macroalbuminuria (AER >300 mg albumin on 24 hours) or microalbuminuria (AER 30 - 300 mg/day albuminuria), as  albuminuria is a marker of TKd.
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The finding: Albuminuria decreased in all subjects, with a statistically significant positive effect in the supplement group compared with controls (P<0.05) due to its antioxidant properties, Indena reported. Oxidative stress level was high in all TKd subjects at inclusion, and was significantly positively affected in the supplement group (P<0.05) after 4 weeks. Most supplemented subjects at 4 weeks did not experience fatigue, another aspect where TKd impact. Indena added that safety, compliance, and tolerability to Meriva were good.

"One of our most important and historical ingredient keeps being source of new potential application in wider fields, as such important studies show," Antonella Riva, Indena Head of Product Innovation and Development, said in the release. "We’re very proud that Meriva can still help researchers to find natural solutions for conditions where response on oxidative stress is involved, such are kidney discomforts. We’ll keep collaborating with relevant research centers to work for human wellbeing, which is part of our mission.”