Ingredients by Nature(IBN), with assistance fromGRAS Associates, a fully owned subsidiary ofNutrasource, announced the reception of a comprehensive GRAS profile that includes the scientific safety review and analysis concluding the GRAS status for Eriomin, a high-potency standardized extract of lemon-based flavonoids. “Nutrasource is very pleased to have assisted Ingredients by Nature in achieving the GRAS conclusion for their citrus derived bioflavonoids Eriomin," said Amy Mozingo, VP of US Nutra Regulatory Sciences for Nutrasource/GRAS Associates, in a press release. "An independent Panel of qualified Experts unanimously agreed that use of Eriomin in nutritional beverages at levels up to 0.84 mg/ml is GRAS.”

PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced that it will market J-Oil Mills menatto Vitamin K2 (MK-7) in North America for use in consumer products supporting cardiovascular health, bone health, and general health. PLT will be offering oil and powdered forms of the ingredient. According to a press release, menatto was developed in 1997 featuring the world’s first fermentation technology to manufacture vitamin K2 from the traditional Japanese food natto. The ingredient has been the subject of 10 human clinical trials covering bioavailability, bone health, and cardiovascular health. Sid Hulse, VP of Product Development for PLT, noted that working with J-Oil Mills and menatto aligns with the company’s mission to provide scientifically supported health and wellness solutions to supplement, food and beverage consumer companies, and added “We’re excited to be working with J-Oil Mills to help bring this ingredient to our broad customer base in the North American market.” 

Bioenergy Life Science(BLS) reported that recent pre-clinical trials demonstrate low doses of Bioenergy Ribose significantly activate AMPK, balancing energy consumption and production. Researchers concluded that low doses of Bioenergy Ribose efficiently boost serum ATP levels and help to maintain energy levels during strenuous exercise and without exercise. The company shared that Bioenergy Ribose also can stimulate the activation of genes known to be up-regulated during exercise, adding to the benefits of regular exercise on health and wellness. “We all know dietary supplements shown to activate AMPK can be very marketable,” said Dr. Michael Crabtree, Director of Scientific Affairs for BLS, in a press release. "These benefits include weight loss, targeted abdominal fat weight loss, lowering triglyceride levels in liver, reducing inflammation, improving metabolic pathways and improving mitochondria health."

Aker BioMarine and Centre d’Alt Rendiment (CAR) shared the results of a new study, run in partnership with Cien por Cien Natural. The finding: Krill oil is an effective nutritional strategy for athletes to increase omega-3 and choline concentrations to support intense power training. As Aker noted, previous research has shown that low levels of nutrients, such as omega-3, can impact sports performance and recovery in athletes. The company said this study reveals how supplementation with krill oil, which is a natural combination of omega-3 and choline, can ensure that athletes maintain optimal levels of these important nutrients. The group receiving krill oil supplementation showed a significant increase in their average Omega-3 Index, from 4.82% to 6.77% after 12 weeks. The krill oil group also showed a reduction in their omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, contributing to a potential decrease in inflammation following the exercise. And looking at choline, which is a factor that contributes to optimal muscle performance, the krill oil group showed significantly increased plasma choline storage (compared to placebo group) between the pre- and post-supplementation exercises. “Both choline and omega-3 are important to both performance and recovery, and we see that krill oil can be an effective means to ensure that the athletes receive adequate amounts to support their training and high intensity exercise regimens,” said Yunpeng Ding, Director R&D in Aker BioMarine, and one of the study authors. Read the full text here.

TaiyoandSpartan Nutritionhave partnered to launch an "extreme wellness supplement line." With this partnership, Taiyo is taking the lead for Spartan Nutrition products’ formulation, production, certifications, and distribution on a global scale, the company shared. “A key benefit to partnering with Taiyo is not needing to worry about sourcing and validating our formulas. Taiyo manufactures the majority of the quality ingredients in the Spartan Nutrition line,” said Spartan Race Founder and CEO Joe De Sena, in a press release. “Plus, Taiyo’s research-based ingredients deliver measurable functional benefits that Spartans are looking for. Taiyo provides us with the highest quality ingredients and global regulatory support, ensuring our products are compliant and ready for anything.”  Taiyo and Spartan are next launching in Japan, and in Europe later this year, and each Spartan Nutrition product will carry bothInformed Ingredientand Informed Sportcertifications, which Taiyo says marks one of the first times an ingredient supplier has sought both certifications. The initial line-up includes: Spartan Energy, Spartan Focus, Spartan Hydrate, Spartan Immune and Spartan Burn, all based on key ingredients including Raw Coffee Powder, Suntheanine, Teavigo, SunCran and ElderMune. Products will  be sold at, Spartan events, Amazon and select retailers. Taiyo also announced its plans for Vitafoods Europe: The company will present new concepts that address current consumer trends, such as healthy aging, sports nutrition, and clean label products. The company will showcase new additions to its Sunfiber portfolio, as well as its new Sunfiber Water Concept, and will present Sunphenon EC, known for its high polyphenol and catechin content with proven antioxidant effects.

Certified Nutraceuticals shared the news that Telos95, a dietary supplement ingredient that the company says helps maintain and protect telomeres linked to the aging process, is now available in Taiwan and China. The company entered into an exclusive marketing and sales distribution agreement for Telo95 with Taipei-based Falama Biotech Corp. Telos95 is a blend of therapeutic polyphenols from proprietary grapevine and organic olive leaves.

Ardent Mills announced the opening of its state-of-the-art Port Redwing Mill in Gibsonton, FL. The company says the new 150,000-square foot mill builds on its strategic growth plan by strengthening supply chain agility, increasing efficiency and product consistency, and expanding the ability to meet customer needs. The mill has the ability to produce up to 1.75 million lbs. of flour per day and is strategically located for rail, ocean and truck access, the company says. The facility's 10 acres encompass a mill, grain storage elevator and cleaning house in addition to an office, and multiple packaging, warehouse and storage locations.

Lonza published its 2021 online Annual Report and Sustainability Report, which is aligned with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. The company said the Sustainability Report reflects its increased focus as a pure-play strategic partner to the pharma, biotech and nutrition markets, following the divestment of the former Specialty Ingredients business. Lonza noted in a press release that sustainability is a critical component of its long-term strategy and forms an ethical imperative for its business. Looking ahead, to ensure that responsibility is integrated and embedded across the company’s global network, environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics will be incorporated into its compensation policy for management and employees, commencing in 2022. 

Good Culture announced that the company is teaming up with celebrity fitness trainer,  fitness influencer and Founder of The Sculpt Society, Megan Roup, to help health-conscious consumers experience how good cultured foods can make them feel. "Protein and live and active cultures help build energy, muscle, gut health and good feelingsall things my community cares about," says Roup. "Good Culture is a delicious and sensible indulgence with unparalleled taste and thick and creamy texture, but what it does for your body is what makes it a real star. When you eat good food, you feel good! That's why I feel so strongly about incorporating Good Culture cottage cheese into my daily routine."

MycoTechnology, Inc., shared that it has secured a funding injection of $85 million. The Colorado-based company said this recently concluded Series E fundraise represents its largest single round of financing since it was established in 2013, bringing total fundraising to-date to more than $200 million. This investment will allow MycoTechnology to further capitalize on its proprietary fermentation platform, and the company says it is now positioned to bring its product portfolio to more consumers globally, with a focus on expanding in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. “This fundraise is a validation of the potential of our breakthrough proposition and next-generation ingredients," said Alan Hahn, CEO and Co-Founder of MycoTechnology, in a press release. "It will be a catalyst to accelerate our growth further and faster. The investment will power the imagination of our incredible team, driving our plans to add more new-to-the-world ingredients from the fungal kingdom.”

FoodTech start-upBioBetter, Ltd., announced that it is repurposing tobacco plants to create the growth factors necessary for the cellular development of cultivated meat, which the company said can reduce the cost of cultivated meat and advance it rapidly to scale-up.

LonoLife, previously based in San Diego, announced that it has completed its move from to Columbus, Ohio, where it now runs a 15,000-square-foot warehouse employing a team of 15. The move will be fully complete by the end of Q1, 2022.“The reality is, Columbus is within 500 miles of most major metro areas; that’s a 10 hour drive or one hour flight to 50 percent of our consumers. It’s just a no -brainer to relocated from a coast to a centrally located hub,” said Brian Hoppe, President and Co-Founder of LonoLife, in a press release. “Columbus fosters entrepreneurial success, and I believe the brand is in its teenage year of growth. We’re no longer a startup, but we’re also not a large company either.”

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