Irvine, CA—BGG World (BGG) announced thepublication of a clinical trial related to MyrtiPro (BGG’s standardized Bilberry extract containing 36% anthocyanins by HPLC) for eye health. The double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized parallel-group study involved 32 healthy Japanese adults who were administered either one  120-mg MyrtiPro capsule containing 43.2mg anthocyanins per day or a placebo, according to a press release.

The primary outcome: a change in the pupillary response (average of both dominant and non-dominant eyes) between pre- and post-video display terminal (VDT) usage. This lead to the conclusion that "The consumption of the supplement containing anthocyanins extracted from bilberry for 6 weeks inhibited the decrease in the accommodative function caused by oxidative stress due to VDT use. 

This is a very positive outcome that can lead to daily benefits for millions of computer users, smart phone users and video gamers around the world," said corresponding researcher Takahiro Sekikawa, Ph.D., in the release. "It’s extremely encouraging that a relatively low dose of anthocyanins for six weeks was confirmed to safely inhibit the decline in accommodation caused by VDT use and improve eye function.”  
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Yanmei Li, Ph.D., BGG’s Global Chief Scientific Officer, added, “BGG is proud to continue to invest in clinical research documenting health benefits for our portfolio of ingredients.  This is the second study published already in 2021 showing eye health benefits involving MyrtiPro Bilberry.”