Holland, MI—A new study has demonstrated that MaquiBright relieves symptoms associated with dry eye and eye fatigue, according to a press release from the MNL Group and Charles Bowman & Company.

The study,published inThe Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, consisted of 74 participants who have eye dryness and eye fatigue and are exposed to computer screens for more than four hours daily. Subjects took a 60mg capsule once a day for four weeks. Compared to the placebo group, the MaquiBright group had alleviated eye dryness and showed “promising’ results in terms of eye fatigue relief.

Humberto Zuckerman, VP of marketing & sales at MNL Group, said in the release: “People now have an easier choice to combat dry eye. They can simply take one capsule of MaquiBright a day to complement the usage of eye drops multiple times a day.”