Secaucus, NJ—Lycored’s Lumenato can help preserve the collagen network and help protect skin from damage, according to a pre-clinical study published inPLoS One 2021.

Lumenato—a blend of natural tomato nutrients—was specifically shown to prevent the loss of type III collagen, which typically decreases in response to issues including inflammatory cytokines, which can be induced by UV rays, among other challenges.

The research indicated that Lumenato accomplishes this protection by a mechanism that involves balancing oxidative stress and reducing the free radicals secreted by neutrophils, a type of immune cell found within the skin.

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The researchers concluded: “The results suggest that Lumenato induces low levels of collagen-3 that may contribute for skin health, and is very effective in defending the co-cultures from collagen-3 damage by inhibiting free radicals secreted from neutrophils, thus, indicating Lumenato’s possible potential for skin protection.”

Karin Hermoni, Head of Product and Science at Lycored, said in a press release: “Our skin is impacted by both internal and environmental challenges that may accelerate skin aging. This can initiate a cascade of events that includes local damage such as inflammatory and oxidative damage and leads to collagen degradation and visible aging of the skin. This research shows that Lumenato could play an important role in balancing the skin’s response. With high concentrations of phytofluene and phytoene, Lumenato harnesses the natural power of the tomato to support skin from the inside out and help us age beautifully.”