Hoboken, NJ—A new review article published in theJournal of Medicinal Foodprovides a comprehensive overview of the composition, bioavailability, and mechanisms of action of Robuvit, a French Oak wood extract.

The review states that Robuvit comes fromQuercus robur L., grown and collected in France from forests controlled by French agricultural and forestry authorities to ensure sustainability. Robuvit is extracted using water as the sole solvent, and standardized to contain no less than 40% polyphenols. 100mg Robuvit administered three times daily over five days to healthy volunteers was found to double plasma polyphenols, as well as to significantly increase plasma antioxidant capacity.

With regards to safety, the review notes that humans have been exposed to oak wood extracts for as long as they have been storing food and beverages in oak barrels—in Europe, that’s a time frame of several millennia. All tests performed have concluded that, ingested, Robuvit is neither genotoxic nor mutagenic; applied topically, it is not an irritant, corrosive, or a sensitizer. A dosage of >700mg/day is safe.

As for how it works, Robuvit affects cellular mitochondria and ribosomes, improving energy and protein synthesis while decreasing oxidative stress. When ingested, gut microbiota metabolize Robuvit and generate urolithins A, B, and C. Urolithin A favorably affects mitochondria for enhanced energy production, promoting the removal of dysfunctional mitochondria and encouraging mitochondrial regeneration, thus encouraging optimal energy output. Urolithin B is a regulator of skeletal muscle mass, as it induces muscle growth, increases protein synthesis, and enhances metabolism and energy expenditure.

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The study—Review of Clinical Effects and Presumed Mechanism of Action of the French Oak Wood Extract Robuvit—elucidates further methods by which Robuvit affects energy, fatigue, oxidation, mood, and recovery, while supporting kidney health and liver health.

The researchers conclude: “Indeed, Robuvit efficacy has been confirmed in a series of clinical studies, including generating energy and reducing fatigue in healthy volunteers, in chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD, and burn-out patients. It also contributes to improve recovery from flu, mononucleosis, postsurgery, heart failure, and liver and kidney insufficiency. Robuvit improves sport performance, increases general vigor, and ameliorates erectile function. The combination of these versatile effects of French oak wood extract Robuvit is natural prerequisite for greater endurance, recovery, and performance.”

In a press release from Horphag, makers of Robuvit, Victor Ferrari, CEO, commented: “As a company grounded in science, our team has dedicated years of research to learning about the science behind Robuvit to fully understand the extent of its benefits. Peer-reviewed, published science to back up a product is essential to ensure its self-affirmed status of Generally Recognized as Safe, efficacy and quality that translate to success in the marketplace.”

The review was written by Horphag employees.