River Falls, WI—A recent study mapped out the natural emulsification mechanisms of Citri-Fi, a citrus fiber used as a natural emulsifier, according toa press releasefrom Fiberstar, Inc.

The study involved testing different oils, concentrations and ratios, and found that Citri-Fi is a low-energy emulsifier. The process of producing the fiber gives it a high surface area, which enables emulsification. It can create a homogenous emulsion under room temperature, freeze/thaw or at elevated temperature conditions, according to the press release, allowing developers to optimize their formulations according to the melting point of the oil.

The press release says that the tools developed from this study will help food developers save significant development time.

John Haen, president and CEO of Fiberstar, said in the release: “We are excited to provide our global customer base with a detailed road map in how to create high quality foods requiring a clean label emulsifier. Fiberstar continues to be the leader in utilizing citrus fiber science to improve food and beverages globally. We recently launched a series ofproduct application videoson our website including one on the emulsification properties.”