Landing, NJ—A five-ingredient botanical formula branded as Fortiquin has demonstrated benefits in support of men’s healthy sexual performance, according to a press release from DolCas Biotech, LLC, makers of Fortiquin.

The double-blind study was published in theJournal of Medicinal Food. In the study, Fortiquin exhibited a five-fold benefit over a placebo in safely supporting healthy sexual endurance and stamina amongst healthy male subjects over an 8-week course.

Fortiquin is a blend of extracts frommucunaseed, fenugreek seed, artichoke leaf, and ashwagandha root, with the amino acid L-arginine. It is intended to support the nervous and hormonal systems and to fortify the stress response. The study showed no safety issues related to Fortiquin.

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“DolCas Biotech describes its concept of formulation as ‘informed by the wisdom of traditional practices such as Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine’, among other natural healing practices around the world—which have always held in high-esteem multi-botanical versus single ingredient approaches,” explains Shavon Jackson-Michel, N.D., Director of Medical & Scientific Affairs for DolCas, in the press release. “The individual herbs in Fortiquin exist as extracts—not powders—delivering an enriched profile of the phytochemicals most associated with the herbs’ activity and organ affinity. The synergistic blend retains an exclusive fingerprint for standardization, protecting the inventiveness of the brand, while at the same time complying with highest quality standards for consistency and traceability.”