Both men and women of all ages may experience sexual dysfunction caused by physical and/or psychological factors.

There is a significant correlation between age and sexual dysfunction. Both men and women experience physiological mid-life changes that may decrease sexual desire and performance.


As we approach mid-life, many feel like that their lives are just getting started.  New adventures begin to drive life like reconnecting with your life partner after the kids fly-the-coop, traveling, starting a side business, and re-engaging in fitness activity or other interests that calm the spirit and sharpen the mind. While aging can take a toll on the body, what most men and women notice is a change in their energy levels and overall vitality, and in many cases, their inability to achieve fulfilling intimacy with their partner. Sexual desire and performance have a natural tendency to decline as we age. Part of healthy aging is knowing how your sexual responses and feelings change and learning how to properly address those changes to optimize your sexual experiences.  By consuming the right balance of nutrients at the dosages recommended by science, nutrition is now helping to redefine how our bodies respond to the maturing process not only in terms of general health and wellbeing but in terms of sexual vitality as well.


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