Pasadena, TX—Kaneka Probiotics announced that a new study examining the effects of a formulation of two probiotic strains on functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) has been published inFrontier of Microbiology. An estimated one in two infants develop FGID during the first six months of life, Kaneka reported, with infant colic and functional constipation presenting as the most prevalent manifestations. The company added that the microbiota of infants with FGID are altered and contribute to the condition characterized as a gut-brain axis disorder.

The formulation, referred to as “KABP Formulation," consists ofBifidobacterium longum subsp.longum KABP-042 andPediococcus pentosaceus KABP-041 strains.Researchers examined its effects through multiple investigations includingin silicoanalyses,in vitrocharacterization, and anin vivotrial on infants with FGID. In thein vivo portion of the study, 34 infants were given the liquid probiotic drops for 14 weeks. Researchers also evaluated the effects of the formulation on infants of different feeding modes (breast-fed as well as formula-fed), and different delivery types (vaginally delivered or C-section).

The finding:KABP Formulation significantly reduced the severity of FGID such as colic and constipation, according to a press release. The benefits of the KABP Formulation were seen regardless of the feeding mode or delivery mode. The researchers also provided confirmation of the formulation's safety. Benefits were observed in the infants parents, too: Parents experienced favorable results on anxiety.
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 “This newly published study substantiates the efficacy of the KABP Formulation for reducing FGIDs, which is one of the most prevalent challenges for infants and a significant source of anxiety for parents," said Mike Kolifrath, Vice President, Sales and Marketing of the Probiotics Division at Kaneka, in the release. "Moreover, the study substantiates the efficacy of Floradapt Baby Colic, our dietary supplement probiotic that is constituted entirely of the KABP Formulation. Although Baby Colic is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, this multi-pronged study of the effects of the KABP Formulation adds another layer of support to the existing competent and reliable scientific evidence that Baby Colic supports a calm gut and healthy microflora in babies and helps reduce the duration of crying episodes and crying time. Kaneka’s robust presence in infant probiotic nutrition has again been proven."