Newark, CA—Kaneka Americas Holding, Inc., announced in a press release that its Baby Colic probiotic formulation was selected as a finalist in the NutraIngredients Probiotic Product of the Year Awards at this year's VitaFoods convention.

Baby Colic is part of the Floradapt Probiotic Portfolio of products, which the company says are based on a mechanistic approach to identify optimal strains for specific health applications. Floradapt includes strains for Cardio, Intensive GI, Digestive, Gum Health, Mature Immune Defense, Urinary Tract Health, and Vaginal Health.

In the release, Kaneka explained that its strain library collection has over 1,000+ different wild-type strains, strategically sourced from populations around the world with conserved microbiomes. Efficacy of Floradapt, the company says, is rooted in its clinical strains, and accomplished through a unique mechanism of action (MoA).

Dr. Fumiki Aoki, business development director, Probiotics Division, said in a press release that Baby Colic, which is a patented, GMO-free formulation, performs "excellently well" in clinical studies. It has been shown to reduce excess crying and help reduce the duration of the crying episode due to infant colic. "Floradapt Baby Colic is recommended for breast-fed and bottle-fed babies," he adds. "Our dual clinical strains formulation are comprised of patented strains ofPediococcus pentosaceusandBifidobacterium longum, in an easily utilized liquid-dropper format. Furthermore, we have confirmed our results in two double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled designed studies. The end result is parents can look forward to reduced crying-time by more than 60% after only 2 weeks administration.”