Minneapolis and Saint Paul, MN—High-fat foods can increase the body’s absorption of CBD, according to a new study published inEpilepsia.

Researchers at University of Minnesota measured CBD concentrations in epilepsy patients at the MINCEP Epilepsy Care clinic, who were taking 99% pure CBD capsules. The researchers compared concentrations from patients who took CBD on an empty stomach, and those who took it with a standardized fatty breakfast, and found that CBD exposure was vastly increased when taken with high-fat foods—it was increased by 400%, and the maximum amount recorded in participants’ blood increased by 14 times compared to those participants who were fasting. No cognitive differences were identified.
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Angela Birnbaum, a professor in the College of Pharmacy and co-author of the study, said in apress release: “For epilepsy patients, a goal is to maintain consistent blood concentrations of the drug. This study shows that CBD concentrations could vary significantly if patients take it differently, sometimes with or without food. Variations in blood concentrations could leave a patient more susceptible to seizures.”

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