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In this interview, Dr. Marita Schauch explains the role of hormones for women. Women deal with a lot of hormonal challenges and these challenges change over time. In addition to the “female” hormones women can also be challenged by imbalances with the adrenal and thyroid hormones. Dr. Schauch will also discuss Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Dr. Schauch works with women in a clinical setting and is able to help women medically and nutritionally as a Naturopathic Physician. As such she is able to evaluate women more holistically and call upon the best nutritional products for her patients. Dr. Schauch will explain some of the products from Natural Factors WomenSense® line of target nutritional solutions that she uses with her patients.

WomenSense® is a full line of women’s products found exclusively in natural health stores providing safe, multi-strategic approaches for health and support during stress, perimenopause, menopause and occasional, mild thyroid fluctuations. WomenSense® formulas help you feel like yourself again by providing better sleep, less stress, more energy, improved moods, easier periods, improved non-cystic acne, fewer hot flashes and reduced night sweats.*

No two women experience change in the same way. The challenge is to discover what works best. The right product or combination of products is whatever works best for you. This is a process of discovery and you may have to experiment to discover to the best outcome.

Nutrition is not a treatment for medical problems. However, by nourishing the body with targeted amounts of specific nutrients, the body can do amazing things. Good nutrition is always foundational to good health, as is proper medical care. We need them both, just don’t confuse the two.