Q1. How do women's nutritional needs differ from their male counterparts?

Without question, there are specific health-related gender differences between men and women. These differences are biological and physiological, and play a unique role in their daily nutritional care. Women express hormonal changes monthly and at different life stages. Professor Marek Glezerman, once a Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics and Gynecology and head of Gender Medicine at the Sackler School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University, said,"It is almost like males and females are a different species. They complete and complement each other, but a 'one-size fits all' medical approach does an injustice to both males and females. Men and women are different in so many respects, and these differences are more significant than the similarities between them." So when it comes to nutrition, it is not surprising that women have different nutrient needs than men. For example, women typically need more folate and iron than men due to reproductive and childbearing needs. Plus, women do not require the same mineral zinc levels as do men for their reproductive health. Further, a woman's bones are more susceptible to demineralization as she matures, increasing her needs for calcium, magnesium and vitamin D3. That is why the nutritional scientists at Bluebonnet formulated Ladies' ONE®Whole Food-Based Multiple in vegetable capsules to address the specific nutritional/health needs of women.

Q2. Why should women take a daily multiple?

The adage, "a woman's day is never done," could not be any truer today. Juggling between family and work demands can be challenging and then add to the societal pressures of dieting and staying thin. This becomes a recipe for nutritional disaster. That is why the nutritional scientists at Bluebonnet realized that it is not enough for an adult female multiple to simply fill their basic nutritional needs. This one-a-day woman's multiple is also formulated with extracts from ashwagandha, red raspberry, cranberry, tart cherry, cinnamon, and rose hips to help address menstrual symptoms and support urinary tract health, as well as manage blood sugar levels within the normal range. This super blend also offers garcinia cambogia, an exotic branded superfruit extract that is a caffeine-free non-stimulant with a long safety and efficacy track record in supporting healthy weight management by inhibiting fat production, burning fat, and curbing appetite when combined with proper diet and exercise.

Q3. What nutrients/potencies should women look for in a multiple?

The science of nutrition is an evolution—a mixture of fact and theory, and we are always on the cusp of learning something new. On May 27, 2016, the FDA published its final rules for the Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods. These new rules reflect the current scientific information that links diet and good health (see the chart below). Bluebonnet's Ladies' ONE®is bursting with over 25 cutting-edge nutrients at potencies based on current science in conjunction with the FDA's most updated recommended daily values (DV), making them the most advanced and wholesome multiples in the natural products marketplace today.

Q4. Are there specific dietary and structure-function benefits women should consider when taking a multiple?

Throughout their lifespan, women have different needs. For example, when women are young and in their 20s/30s, they are typically immersed in their education or the early stages of their careers. These women are focused on being healthy, maintaining a healthy weight, and some may even be considering starting a family. As far as supplements are concerned, it is likely these young women will gravitate towards a daily multivitamin and mineral formula, like Bluebonnet's Ladies' ONE®, which is a one-a-day women’s multiple formulated with coenzyme forms of the B vitamins, plus better-absorbed Albion®chelated minerals—in addition to an organic whole food vegetable blend, a plant-sourced enzyme blend, as well as a specific women’s health blend of botanical and super fruit extracts to help support menstrual and urinary tract health, and healthy blood sugar levels. However, as women mature and move beyond child-rearing years, they may want to consider a higher potency one-a-day, whole food-based multiple, likeBluebonnet's Maxi ONE®that is free of iron and has higher levels of B-vitamins and their coenzyme forms to better support energy and vitality levels, as well as sustainable herbal extracts and organic vegetable blends for optimal digestive health.

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