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With so many health-transforming books being released, WholeFoods wanted to know what the experts are reading. Here, Christy Monson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, shares her thoughts on two books she couldn’t put down.

As a therapist, I worked with many chronically anxious and depressed patients. Some of them were abuse survivors who struggled to complete daily life skills. As I observed the clients who improved their life style and those who stayed stuck, I found that the individuals who chose healthy eating habits and took care of their bodies recovered faster than those who neglected self-care skills.

I have also found the same thing to be true in my life. If I avoid sugars and simple carbs, I can think better. My brain is more focused, and I can concentrate on a problem at hand more readily.

I have encouraged clients to do the same. Here are a couple of good reads.


The Brain Fog Fix by Mike Dow has strategies for finding a life-balance to promote good health both mentally and physically.
  • He suggests that your mood will improve with a modified diet and positive thought patterns.
  • Energy can be increased by getting sleep, exercise and engaging in memory-boosting games.
  • His program also includes ideas for reaching outside yourself to connect with others and the greater good.

The Anti-Anxiety Diet Whole Body Program by Ali Miller proposes that your diet plays a great part in your feelings, and your brain function.
  • She recommends a scientific approach of food-as-medicine.
  • Following her diet will enhance the healthiness of your body and offer nutrients for wholesome living.
  • It will also balance hormones and stress chemicals to bring a calmness to your life.
She brings to public awareness the substantial role food plays in our well-being.

Her recipes for sweet potato avocado toast and curry roasted cauliflower are mouth-watering. Chai panna cotta and creamy carrot soup are not far behind.