Grow Wild by Katy Bowman
Katy Bowman has been on a mission to get you and your family to return to nature, to fulfill your movement potential, and to stay inspired and spry into your twilight years. With her latest book, Grow Wild, Katy continues her mission by spotlighting the wellbeing of our children and how necessary movement is to their wellbeing. To me, this book feels very much like a call to action—create a movement culture in your home, and watch your kids thrive.
Katy writes, “Inactivity, also known as sedentarism, is not only unprecedentedly widespread—it’s also increasing.” Grow Wild to the rescue, as it provides parents the motivation and the know-how to not only get kids connected to the elements and to their own bodies, but to also get them moving organically, in whatever the environment be it urban or rural. After reading Grow Wild, I see opportunities for movement are everywhere, from simply taking a family walk to tree climbing to rolling down a sand dune. I also see movement as an essential nutrient, fortifying body, mind and spirit.
Barefoot children running around the woods, or picking apples, or making snow angels might seem like a hippie dream, but it’s very real and scientifically backed in this must-have “how to raise healthy kids” bible. Let’s give our kids permission to move…and let’s move with them.