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Maintaining Optimal Health Throughout Life
In this interview with Dr. John Rubinow, we will explore the basic concepts of health and longevity. These concepts that we discuss may seem self-evident to those of us who have explored health and wellness for years. However there are more and more people who desire to embrace a healthier lifestyle. More and more we realize that we must make serious choices about how to live our lives. Dr. Rubinow makes the point that longevity without health is not desirable. It is the quality of life and our health status that are more important than the number of years we live.

The earlier one embraces a healthy and nutritional life the better. One can say that a life of good health begins before birth and requires ongoing attention for a lifetime. It does seem that more young families understand the importance of early nutritional interventions. Nutrients such as omega-3 DHA and probiotics give children a head start in life by supporting natural immune development. We have numerous interviews on children’s health and you can see that list of podcasts here. Dr. Rubinow does touch somewhat on the state of affairs for children today. Lack of exercise, poor quality diet and too much screen time are very real concerns for today’s children.

However in this interview we are considering what can you do in your fifties, sixties and beyond that will contribute to better health and longevity. Sometimes the prescription for natural living seems too simplistic. Many people fail to realize how resilient the body is. Making even modest changes can make a difference. Through rigorous scientific study, researchers now know much more about the human body and how it works. We are learning which nutrients have what specific benefits.

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