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There does not seem to be much debate regarding DHA supplementation for pregnantand nursing mothers, mothers in general and children. There is consensus around the world for the importance of this nutrient. The evidence suggests that DHA is one of the important pre and post natal nutrients.

In this interview with Jolie Root, you will learn about some of the significant nutritional science that reveals the importance of DHA. After listening to this interview you will want to make sure that mothers to be, pregnant women and their babies get sufficient DHA. The long term benefits of starting early pays dividends that can influence health through a lifetime.

DHA is concentrated in the heart, eyes and brain. Developing fetuses obtain DHA from the mother through the placenta during pregnancy and asinfants through breast milk when nursing. Mothers who are deficient in DHA cannot pass on enough to the baby and in fact will likely end up being deficient themselves, often with consequences to their health. DHA has been shown to contribute to better pregnancy outcomes. Lack of DHA has significant negative implications.

Recent studies have shown that DHA is critical for infant brain development. Supplementation with maternal DHA has shown in some studies to improve infant development such as attention span, motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Recommendations for DHA supplementation range from 100 to 300 mg additionally daily.

This is another example of how the science of nutrition is benefiting children. We are now able to point to the science of infant nutrition to begin to understand the importance of certain nutrients pre and postnatally. The science suggests that early nutritional interventions can pay benefits over the long term.

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Posted in WholeFoods Magazine online 4/3/2017