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Colostrum Nourish Natural Powder is derived from a 100% pure New Zealand Colostrum source. It promotes immune system health and development, supports optimal intestinal lining health as well as healthy, balanced digestion. Rich in over 90 health supporting nutrients and growth factors, the colostrum is free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids, and is sourced from pasture-raised herds. Also available is Colostrum Nourish Natural Capsules in the form of vegetarian capsules. All ages can benefit from the nourishing support of a bovine colostrum supplement, says the company.

Colostrum Healthy Pets is sourced from the same 100% pure New Zealand herds from which its human products are. Colostrum is gathered within 24 hours after calves’ needs are met to ensure potency. It is never processed under high heat as nature intended, making for pure, nourishing immune and intestinal health support.

iflora Healthy Pets is a premium pet health digestive formula that features the same quality ingredients used in Sedona’s consumer supplements. It supports pet’s healthy, balanced digestion, promotes optimal nutrient absorption and supports healthy elimination. The formula contains five pet health probiotic strains, 15 vegetarian digestive enzymes that target the stomach for digestive support and three vegetarian digestive enzymes that target the small intestine for nutrient absorption support.

iFlora Serene is inspired by Sedona’s quest for a good night’s sleep. Now formulated with nongas forming scFOS prebiotic fiber for symbiotic support, iFlora Serene contains the milk peptide Lactium for relaxation and stress relief, probiotics for digest ion and highly absorbable zinc for mood support.

Focus First Memory Formula is an advanced amino acid and nutrient fusion that supports brain health and a healthy, active memory. The formula contains gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) and Huperzine-A, a natural botanical that research suggests supports acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter key to memory.

Published in WholeFoods Magazine, December 2010