AI nutrition technology company Spoon Guru has launched Health+, which uses behavior science to empower consumers to make choices that are both healthy and beneficial for the planet.

Health+ allows customers to set goals for consuming healthier and more sustainable products, and then helps customers meet those goals by identifying products; suggesting swaps based on sustainability, health preferences, and dietary needs; and providing recipe recommendations. The platform encourages customers further by tracking their progress and offering rewards and social sharing.

The program, according to a press release, is intended to help retailers as well. Spoon Guru’s research has found that 78% of Americans are paying more attention to their health since the pandemic began, but that three-quarters of respondents think that supermarkets aren’t doing enough to support those health goals, and 57% feel that products aren’t labeled cleanly enough. Health+ can be integrated into retailers’ existing loyalty programs and communication channels.

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“Health+ is a gamechanger,” said Markus Stripf, Co-Founder of Spoon Guru. “It empowers consumers to improve their health and that of the planet. By combining digital health with personalized health goals, we have created an effective and scalable way for retailers to foster behavior change. Changing consumer diets and shopping habits have far-reaching implications for the entire grocery ecosystem: a healthier diet reduces the purchase of highly processed foods which in turn negatively impact the environment. Health+ has the potential to reverse this trend.”

More information can be found here.