East Palo Alto, CA—Vori, a digital B2B ordering platform that works to optimize the grocery supply chain, announced a partnership with KeHE Distributors. Select grocers in California will participate in the new pilot project, which enables next-generation inventory replenishment by giving the grocers another point of access to KeHE’s inventory, via Vori’s ordering technology.

How Vori works to enhance the retailer’s grocery replenishment process: A store buyer can walk their store once and scan shelf-tags to reorder from all their suppliers, reducing the time it takes to replenish inventory by up to 80%. And now KeHE is the first national distributor to collaborate with Vori in this capacity.

“We’re thrilled to partner with KeHE, bringing technology that supports retailers’ access to essential goods that fuel their communities with products they need and love," said Brandon Hill, CEO and Co-founder of Vori, in a press release. "KeHE is a big part of that equation. Not only will this alliance give our retail customers additional access to KeHE’s assortment of high-quality specialty, natural & organic, and fresh foods from their key supply chain partner, it will improve how the food supply chain functions.”
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The retailers featured in the initial scope of the partnership: Berkeley Bowl Marketplace, Berkeley Bowl West, Rocky’s Market, and Oceana Market, all based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As explained in the release, these early Vori customers use Vori to reorder inventory digitally, and adding KeHE to the Vori platform enables the retailers to access KeHE’s inventory and make the transactions nearly automatic. The result, according to Vori: higher sales and significantly improved in-store operations.

“KeHE is committed to making item replacements easy for its retailer partners,” said Michelle DuFresne, VP of Sales, KeHE Distributors. "Using our proprietary tools, KeHE CONNECT Retailer and the Digital Marketing Platform, are key to providing visibility and ensuring shelves remain stocked with the items in the KeHE network. Vori is another tactical tool for our community to enhance the transactional processes that occur in stores daily."