Nutrien Commits to Sustainable Agriculture

Nutrien has pledged $1 million, spread across the next four years, to sustainable agriculture practices for rice growers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Texas, and California. The corporate inputs and services provider will make its donation through the USA Rice-Ducks Unlimited Rice Stewardship Program, a joint venture with Ducks Unlimited, a non-profit organization focused on conserving North American wetlands, grasslands, and waterfowl habitats. The stewardship supports farmers looking to adopt sustainable practices on their farms through research and monitoring to determine the impact of crop health, soil quality, and water resources while setting out to implement meaningful and long-term improvements to working rice lands, water, and waterfowl. Jeff Tarsi, President of Global Retail for Nutrien, shared his thoughts on the partnership: “I’m proud to say that we are supporters of Ducks Unlimited and look forward to collaborating with their team through the Rice Stewardship Partnership to protect and care for the rice lands, water, and wetlands in the South.”

Safety Shot Announces New Partnerships

Safety Shot, Inc., has partnered with Chip Quigley, founder and CEO of Kingdom Entertainment Group, and seasoned Surge Brands executive, Ari Freedman, to guide the company's marketing and events, brand development, and distribution. Freedman will look to use his experience of brand growth initiatives through market trend and consumer behavior observation to enhance the Safety Shot's distribution channels and increase product awareness amongst consumers. Similarly, Quigley will employ more than 20 years of artist management, New York concert business, and high-profile event production experience to elevate the brands events and promotional initiatives. 

In addition to the new leadership, the company has also partnered with professional boxer, Ryan Garcia, as its new brand ambassador. Garcia, whose social media following includes 12.5 million Instagram users, joins a roster of brand representatives that include The Nelk Boys, Matthew Espinosa, and Danny Way. “At Safety Shot, we are the outlaws of wellness, and Ryan’s undefeated record, natural charisma and zest for setting new standards in his profession exemplify our mission and make him the perfect addition to the brand...," said President of Safety Shot, Jordan Schur. 

Safety Shot also shared news of its new distribution deal with Atlantic Beverage Distributors, a Massachusetts and Rhode Island craft beer, wines, spirits, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages distributor. The partnership continues Safety Shot's expansion into Northeast markets.

Ahiflower Oil Gains Regulatory Approvals

Ahiflower has received regulatory approvals in Australia, Brazil, Turkey, Japan, and Malaysia. Given the omega-3 EPA/DHA industry's recent challenges with supply chains, rising ocean temperatures, lower omega-3 content in foraged fish, and higher global demand for omega-3 feedstocks in aquaculture, Natures Crops Ahiflower has been catapulted to the forefront of the plant-based, non-GMO omega-3 revolution. With brands like Clean Machine, Greens First, Wileys Finest, Nouri, Bold Botanica, Bond, JimmyJoy, Purina, Wagwell, Regenerative Omegas, Pavo, and Zinzino all offering plant-based omega-3 products with Ahiflower Oil, annual demand for the dietary oil has exceeded 200 mt and continues to grow. The product's popularity shows consumers' growing willingness to experience omega-3 wellness benefits while avoiding wild-harvested marine eco-sustainability impacts. 

FrieslandCampina Receives New Approvals

FrieslandCampina Ingredients now has Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) approval for its Lacto-N-Tetraose (LNT) product. This latest milestone in addition to the company's approval of Aequival 2’-FL ingredient, marks the ingredients progression into the final stages of its approval process towards its introduction in China. In the US, Aequival LNT has secured self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status, the first marker in the two-step FDA approval process. 

Once FrieslandCampina attains approval in China, it will turn into the sole provider of both HMOs and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) in China. With FDA approval they will be able to promote the gut-supporting benefits of LNT for infant nutrition. “Both the MARA and self-affirmed GRAS approvals of the production strain of our LNT brings us one step closer to meeting consumers’ increasing demand for premium, gut-supporting infant milk formulas that provide benefits for babies when breastfeeding isn’t an option," explained Cindy Zhao, General Manager, FrieslandCampina Ingredients China. 

BENEO Showcasing at IFT 2024

Healthy weight management will be the spotlight for BENEO at this year's IFT show in Chicago. BENEO experts will be on hand at booth S737 describing the benefits of a balanced approach to eating on energy levels and fuel for the body, promoting scientifically proven and natural solutions for healthy weight management and essential nourishment. IFT guests will be treated to innovative product samples featuring new food and beverage options while learning about the brand's prebiotic fibers and their effect on metabolism and calorie reduction intake while adding to a healthy gut microbiota, Palatinose—BENEO's slow-releasing carb stimulating the release of GLP-1 and providing more balanced blood glucose levels, and the company's plant-based proteins sourced from rice and faba beans. 

Ocean Spray Shares Hidden Potential of Cranberries

Ocean Spray and Brightseed, creators of Forager AI, will be presenting its latest findings regarding the hidden health potential of cranberries at this year's American Society of Nutrition's (ASN) NUTRITION 2024 conference in Chicago. Led by Ocean Spray research scientists Lindsey Christman, Ph.D., and Christina Khoo, Ph.D., and Brightseed scientist, Chuan Wang, Ph.D., Decoding the Total Bioactive Health Potential of the Cranberry Through AI presents Brightseed's Forager AI platform analysis of the health-benefiting micronutrient compounds found in six different samples of cranberries from different regions and their associated impact on human health. The result, multiple bioactives were identified that have yet to be fully studied but hold vast human health potential, including terpenes. “Our work with Brightseed’s Forager AI platform has dramatically enhanced our ability to identify and verify the various bioactive compounds found within specific cranberry varieties that can impact new areas of health, such as cognition and immunity," said Katy Galle, Senior Vice President of Research & Development and Sustainability for Ocean Spray.

Oatly & Little Spoon Debut Smoothies

Oatly and Little Spoon have partnered for a limited-edition Overnight Oats treat. This project marks the first collaboration between the organic baby food brand, Little Spoon, whose product line includes smoothies, snacks, and on-the-go meals for kids of different ages and the oat milk company, Oatly. Available in Peachy Berry Bliss and Apple Cinnamon Swirl, the overnight oats are non-GMO, with no added sugars, 6 grams of whole grains, 2 or 3 grams of fiber, and 1-2 grams of protein, depending on the flavor.

Palsgaard Seeking Ambitious Partners

Palsgaard and Aarhus University are looking for food manufacturers to join their efforts on a project to develop new plant-based replacements for egg ingredients. The PIER (plant-based food ingredients to be egg replacers) initiative will look to lower recipe costs, reduce carbon emissions by 33%, and replace 10% of the eggs used across the globe as ingredients in food products like baked goods, dressings, desserts, and ready meals. With a total budget of roughly $5 million Euros, Palsgaard and its partners will aim to create a product that delivers on sustainability, taste, functionality, and affordability.  

Peak Protein Wins Sofi Gold Award

Natural, high-quality protein bar manufacturer, Peak Protein, received the sofi Gold Award in Wellness Bars & Gels for its Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Protein Bar during the Specialty Food Association (SFA) event in NYC. Peak Protein, who made its SFA debut at this year's show, treated guests and media members to its protein products made with Grass-fed whey, real organic chocolate, and Non-GMO ingredients. Founder Tom Chinery shared his thoughts on attending the event and his products recognition, "The interest and support we received at the Summer Fancy Foods Show have set the stage for significant growth. We look forward to bringing Peak Protein Bars to more customers nationwide and continuing to lead the way in healthy, nutritious snacking."

TUTTOFOOD Milan Continues Food Hub Tour

Global food event, TUTTOFOOD Milan, is making its rounds through the major food hubs across the world. It's most recent stop was in New York City for the second day of the Summer Fancy Food event where the theme and contents of the shows next edition were announced to more than 220 operators, buyers, foreign Trade Promotion Organizations and company representatives, food journalists, and several Italian correspondents at the Standard Hotel. At the function, Fiere di Parma was announced as the organizer of the food events next iteration. Riccardo Caravita, Food & Beverage Brand Manager of Fiere di Parma shared his thoughts on the significance of the US market for European food products, "The United States, in fact, represents a privileged channel for so many Food & Beverage commodities arriving from Italy and the entire European Union; they are, therefore, a very dynamic laboratory - and all to be explored - for GI products as well as for all those companies capable of interpreting food trends with an eye on sustainable consumption and socially responsible behavior."

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