Washington, D.C.—The Natural Products Association (NPA) shared the news that creatine is being recommended in the Servicemember Quality of Life Improvement and National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2025, a report of the Committee on Armed Services on H.R. 8070. This National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) report spotlights the benefits of creatine and recommends that it be considered for Meals Ready-to-Eat (MREs). The report reads: 

The committee recognizes that creatine is a popular nutritional supplement because of its long history of improving strength and muscle health. A broad body of clinical research has shown that creatine can enhance muscle growth, physical performance, strength training, post exercise recovery, and injury prevention. The committee encourages the Department of Defense to consider including creatine supplementation by the Defense Logistics Agency in Meals Ready to Eat

NPA, which has been advocating for this, explained the importance: “This is a terrific move by the committee, as our nation’s freedom hinges upon American servicemembers having the resources they need to keep our nation safe,” said Daniel Fabricant, Ph.D., NPA President and CEO. “Creatine is one of the most extensively studied ingredients on the planet when it comes to safely increasing strength and recovery time, both critical to the success of our servicemembers. Providing for our national defense is the most consequential responsibility that the U.S. Constitution granted Congressthe NDAA remains a vital part of fulfilling that commitment to our servicemembers and our nation, we’re grateful to have played a role in getting this important study as a part of that commitment.” 

The bill's progress in Congress can be tracked here.

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