UNPA Signs MOU Agreement with SABPA

The United Natural Products Alliance has signed an MOU Agreement with the Southern African Botanical Products Association (SABPA). The agreement will look to advance SABPA's knowledge of the trade issues, research, safety, and quality affecting the U.S. dietary supplement industry while also raising industry awareness for Southern African botanicals. UNPA said that, with the new partnership, both organizations will look to leverage and utilize one another's resources in an ethical and mutually rewarding manner.

SABPA is comprised of 17 members from Africa's botanical products industry and aims to build a connected, compliant and rich supplement industry for a region hindered by market access and regulatory challenges over the last two decades. UNPA will serve as a liaison for SABPA with the U.S. dietary supplement marketplace.  

“We are confident in working with SABPA that we can bring these quality botanicals to the U.S. market responsibly,” said Loren Israelsen, UNPA Founder and President. “This is a largely untapped market that we want to make sure is shaped with safety, sustainability and quality as the pillars of its success." 

Honoring Women of the Nutrition Industry

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) is partnering with Radicle Science to launch the Trailblazing Woman Award. "...Considering more women use supplements than men, it’s critical to support female leaders in the industry and help close the gender gap that currently exists,” shared Pelin Thorogood, co-founder and Chairwoman of Radicle Science. Women who foster leadership, mentorship, and a commitment to the industry through initiatives to increase women's presence in executive and leadership roles, break barriers, foster diversity, advocate for women's empowerment, and contribute to women's health research in the wellness space can be nominated for the annual award. 

WIN Launches Job Board

Women In Nutraceuticals (WIN) is expanding its networking capabilities with the launch of a new job board initiative. The non-profit will allow companies to post employment opportunities via the member board, which will be visible to members and nonmembers alike. “Since WIN was launched less than two years ago, the membership has grown steadily which has expanded our reach into the nutraceuticals community,” said Julie Dennis Fox, WIN Social Media & Digital Coordinator. “Connecting with other industry members is a core WIN benefit, whether that is from working with people on our numerous committees, attending the Gender Equity receptions we hold at most trade shows, or participating in the WIN mentor program, so adding a job board was a logical extension.”

HMB Capitalizes on Demand for Weight-Loss Options

The recent spike in popularity of GLP-1 receptor agonists has led to an increased interest for formulating with HMB. The popular weight loss drug class has gained traction amongst celebrities and physicians despite its undesired side effects of muscle mass loss, which ultimately impacts weight management and overall health negatively. HMB helps combat the unwanted consequences by reducing and maintaining healthy muscle loss, according to TSI Group.

“There is a big opportunity for brands to support consumers’ weight loss objectives,” said TSI Vice President of Business Development Shawn Baier, MS, MBA. "Studies have shown that adding myHMB can help preserve muscle mass and tip the scales toward fat loss."

The company explained that GLP-1 receptor agonists work by  reducing food and energy intake, as well as by reducing gastric and intestinal motility. “When food consumption and total calorie intake drop, the resulting weight loss can be from muscle, fat and water,” explains Baier. “And once people stop taking GLP-1s, their appetites come back with vengeance. If they haven’t learned to change their diet and lifestyle, they tend to regain the weight. But this time they’ve got an even bigger problem. While some of the weight lost may have been muscle mass, the weight that returns is composed of even more fat. And without muscle to fuel the metabolism, that fat will be even harder to lose the next time.”

Baier added, “Maintaining muscle mass during weight loss can lead to more effective and sustainable fat loss. Greater muscle mass can also lead to more strength and energy, and proper body composition. It’s the cornerstone of overall health.”

Consumers Expanding Priorities

A report from The Food Industry Association (FMI), Oliver Wyman, and Circana has shed light on growing trends amongst shoppers. The findings show consumers are purchasing foods and beverages that are competitively priced, convenient to buy and prepare, and encourage overall well-being. The report also indicates a steady growth in foodservices as convenience continues an upward trend across several age segments as well as a preference for dinner options that are low-prep and quick-cleanup meals.

“The research showcases how food and beverages that promote well-being, those that are competitively priced and products that are decidedly convenient to buy and prepare, will ultimately earn shoppers’ allegiance,” said Mark Baum, SVP of Industry Relations and Chief Collaboration Officer, FMI. “We are witnessing shifts toward foodservice spending, a rise in digitization, and return-to-office protocols that all provide food and beverage retail with opportunities to improve how they deliver on what matters most to consumers.” 

Top Snacking Trend

In honor of National Nutrition Month, healthy fruit bar and snack manufacturer, That's it, has released a snacking trends report. The research was gathered from registered members of its NutritionFAM community, a collective of nutrition professionals, as well as consumers aged 18 and older. Of the 1,000 consumers surveyed, 53% listed eating more fruits and vegetables as their top priority. Similarly, 91 out of 100 nutrition experts also prioritized consuming larger quantities of fruits and vegetables.

Before The Butcher Expands Partnership with DOT Foods

Plant-based protein producer Before the Butcher has expanded its partnership with DOT Foods to distribute its plant-based pepperoni product line to foodservice distributors across the country. In addition to DOT Foods, the company has aligned with Rosati's Pizza to offer its pepperoni and ground Italian sausage throughout its stores. 

Omega-3 Gummies Coming

dsm-firmenich and SCN BestCo are looking to develop advanced omega-3 gummies to launch in the U.S. The partnership will combine dsm-firmenich's knowledge of ingredients and flavors with SCN BestCo's development and manufacturing capabilities to create a great tasting alternative to softgels. Historically, omega-3 gummies have been difficult to formulate due to substance sensitivity and the inability to achieve high dosage levels while preserving sensory qualities, according to a press release. To combat these issues, dsm-firmenich will incorporate its life's OMEGA 033-P100 powder to develop high-load gummies that are backed by science and sustainability.

NZMP Debuts Emissions Data Tool

Customers can now access the emissions data of Fonterra's ingredients and solutions brand NZMP. The tool, NZMP Carbon Footprinter, will provide the brands latest emissions data as well as forecast its potential emissions reductions. The new initiative is just the most recent effort by Fonterra as it continues to strive towards full transparency with its customers regarding the companies climate targets as it relates to the products they purchase. 

SCS Global Services Wins Acceptance

Third-party certifier, validator, and verifier, SCS Global Services, has been accepted by the Sustainable Food Group, a branch of the IPM Institute of North America, as one of two entities in the United States and Canada to authorize the Sustainability Standard certification. The certification measures best practices across the supply chain and addresses soil health, agrochemicals, environmental protection, nutrient and irrigation management, air quality, waste and recycling, water and energy conservation, worker welfare and emergency management. Agricultural producers committed to sustainable agricultural practices and protecting biodiversity are given the certification as a stand-alone audit or in conjunction with other food and safety audits.

Natural Grocers Provides Aid

Natural Grocers will be collecting donations at its 23 Texas locations for those that have been affected by the recent wildfire disaster in the Texas Panhandle region. Those looking to contribute can drop off non-perishable goods at their closest location or make a donation at the register through March 31st. Natural Grocers' customers can contribute in two ways:

  • Donate $1, $5, or $10 at the register. These funds will go directly to the Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund (PDRF) at Amarillo Area Foundation.
  • Purchase and donate non-perishable items, collected at the front of the store. These donations will go directly to the local food bank partner or local food pantry that currently receives food donations from each store.

Arla Foods Ingredients Cuts Carbon Emissions

Arla Foods Ingredients is making strides towards its net-zero initiative with the construction of an electric heat pump facility in Denmark. Slated for 2025, the site will be able to convert 2.8MW of electricity into 8MW of heat. The shift will cut the site's greenhouse gas emissions by 22% when compared to 2023. The project marks Arla's largest single investment towards its carbon reduction goal. 

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