Each year, we invite WholeFoods Magazine readers to shine a light on excellence in the natural products industry. There are so many companies and individuals going above and beyond for their local and global communities, and making a positive impact on both consumers’ wellbeing and the health of the planet.

Throughout this issue, we explore the many ways innovators and educators in the natural products industry are driving change and lighting the way on how we can collectively level up. Read Regenerative Business: 21 Things to Know Now, to explore the ways companies are going beyond sustainability. Anand Swaroop, Ph.D., Founder & President of Cepham, tells us: “Embracing regenerative practices enables businesses to contribute positively to environmental and social well-being, fostering resilience and creating shared value for all stakeholders involved.” These actions are beneficial for the Earth and everyone on it, and they are good for the bottom line of the business.

Consumers aren’t simply appreciative of such business approaches—increasingly they are expecting companies to be environmentally conscious, and they are filling their baskets with those products. Read a report on how plant-based has also moved beyond. From foods to supplements to health and beauty care, eco-savvy and health-conscious consumers are favoring plant-based foods. 

Smart consumers also are taking it a step further and embracing upcycling. Get an update on growing upcycling trend. According to a report from FMCG Gurus, 60% of global consumers find the concept of upcycling appealing, and brands are taking action to give consumers what they want. The Upcycled Food Association launched the Upcycled Certified program in 2021. Just two years later, more than 481 products and ingredients have earned the Upcycled Certified mark. The impact of this: More than a billion pounds of food have been diverted from waste.

Now, we’d like to hear from you to help us continue spotlighting the good as we wind down in 2023.

Nominations Open for WholeFoods Magazine’s 2023 Retailer of the Year

With so many dedicated natural products retailers serving their local communities, narrowing the list down to select just one retailer to highlight each year is a significant challenge. In past years, the top honor of Retailer of the Year has gone to Fresh Thyme Market, Marlene's Market & Deli, Weavers Way, and Rainbow Blossom. If you know a retailer who deserves the award this year, let us know! To submit your nomination, include the following in an email to editor@wfcinc.com. Please include the words 2023 ROTY in your subject line. 

Your Retailer of the Year nomination must include:

1. Your name (this will be anonymous).

2. Your affiliation/company name.

3. Your email.

4. The name of retailer you are nominating, and why you feel they deserve to win.

5. Location and contact information or website for the nominated retailer.

The deadline for submitting a nomination is September 15, 2023. We’ll announce the winner later this year, and share what makes this retailer exceptional in the November 2023 issue of WholeFoods Magazine.

Submit Your Pick for WholeFoods

Magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year

Submissions are also open for WholeFoods Magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year, which we award to the person (or group of people) who made the most significant impact on the industry during the past year. Previous winners have included the independent retailers who have built the industry from the ground up, the frontline heroes who help support well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic, Howard Schiffer of Vitamin Angels, and the 2022 Person of the Year: The Amazon.com Quality Activists

Let us know what person (or group) you feel has made the most significant impact on the natural products industry in 2023 by emailing your nomination, along with your reasons for highlighting your nominee, to editor@wfcinc.com with the subject line 2023 POTY. The deadline for submitting a nomination is October 6, 2023. The winner will be featured in the December 2023 issue of WholeFoods Magazine.

We can’t wait to hear from you! We’d also love to get your feedback on the topics you’d like to see covered in
 WholeFoods Magazine in 2024. Come see us at Natural Products Expo East at booth 3716, or drop us a note to help us determine what information you need to help you grow your business, so we can tailor the education in the magazine, on WholeFoodsMagazine.com, and in our Naturally Informed virtual conference series, which will feature the hottest markets in 2024. 

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