Bioiberica's Hyaluronic Acid Supports Muscle Health

New research indicates that Mobilee, Bioiberica’s hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient for mobility, supports muscle health and may play a role against sarcopenia, a progressive musculoskeletal disorder characterised by loss of muscle strength, mass and function. The results, which were presented at the clinical conference for bone, joint and muscle health, WCO-IOF-ESCEO (May 4-7, Barcelona), highlight the potential of Mobilee in nutritional solutions targeted towards muscle health. 

The aim of the research: to evaluate the effect of Mobilee on muscle health specifically, using in vitro models of health and sarcopenia. Myocytes (muscle cells) were treated with 6 µg/mL digested Mobilee for 24 hours. Effect in muscle homeostasis (measured by assessing the proliferation and hyperplasia of myocytes) and protection against muscle damage and atrophy were evaluated. The results showed that Mobilee promoted myocyte hyperplasia (increase in myocyte size) by 7% and myocyte proliferation (production of new cells) by more than 20%, the company shared. The ingredient also showed an effect against muscle atrophy, muscle damage, and cell death in the sarcopenia model.

Gilad&Gilad Issued Patent for Agmatine for Joint Support

Gilad&Gilad shared the news of its new patent issued on April 11, by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent, "Agmatine Compositions for treatment of Osteoarthritis" (US 11,622,949 B1) grants the company exclusive rights to tell consumers that agmatine and agmatine-containing compositions (which the company says contain effective high amounts of the neuroprotective ingredient agmatine, known to support resilient nerve activities) can also afford healthy joint functions. Gilad&Gilad's CEO, Dr. Gad M. Gilad, said: "The observed ineffectiveness of anti-inflammatory agents, together with accrued physiological evidence, indicates that irregular nerve functions underlie the tremendous discomfort caused by challenges to osteoarticular, or joints health. There is still an unmet need for safe and effective dietary supplements by millions of Americans who are coping everyday with great challenges to their joints health and with threats to maintaining proper nerve functions."

UNFI Launches Climate Action Partnership

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) announced the launch of its Climate Action Partnership to encourage UNFI’s suppliers to make credible climate commitments. The program builds on UNFI’s Climate Action Hub, which was developed in partnership with the Climate Collaborative. Through its initial outreach efforts, UNFI’s Climate Action Partnership has already confirmed more than 40 participants, including Conagra, Bob’s Red Mill, Dr. Bronner’s, Gaia Herbs, Danone, Lundberg Family Farm, and more. To become a Climate Action Partner, suppliers must make a credible climate commitment through either the Climate Collaborative, Climate Neutral, The Climate Pledge, the Science Based Targets initiative, or the SME Climate Hub, which have established requirements around transparency and reporting.

11 Companies Join CRN  

The Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) announced the addition of 11 new companies to its membership. Companies joining as voting members include: Alternative Laboratories, LLC, BioHarvest Sciences, Inc., Doctor’s Best, Vit-Best Nutrition, Innobio USA, Inc., Megalabs USA, and Nuritas. In addition, several companies joined as associate members, including: ArchiMed, DF Guardian Consulting, STC Safety Training & Compliance, LLC, and William Hood & Company. 

NutraShure Shares Study on Exercise Support

NutraShure Distribution, LLC has published the results of a study showing its dietary supplement blend 3DPump Breakthrough had synergistic effects on muscle and aided in exercise performance. 3DPump Breakthrough, containing 3g of L-citrulline, achieved similar results on acute muscular endurance, muscle damage and inflammation, and appendicular muscle girth compared to 8g of L-citrulline alone while having 50% fewer adverse events reported, according to the company. The study, conducted at The Center for Applied Health Sciences, showed 3DPump Breakthrough achieved similar effects in muscle endurance, muscle pump, hydration, and inflammation markers when compared to using nearly 3X more L-citrulline alone. The ingredient combines L-citrulline, high-yield glycerol, and a standardized extract of amla fruit. 

Christie & Co Celebrates 30 Years

Christie & Co is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The marketing agency is reflecting on its role in guiding ethical brands from dream to mainstream since 1992. Thirty years ago, Gillian Christie had a vision to seek out brands doing good and help them grow, and now works with companies across multiple industries including food and beverage, health and wellness, outdoor and adventure, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, green construction, impact investors, social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, ethical finance, mission-driven leaders, and responsible brands. Christie & Co helps companies realize their missions to change the world. “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to support the growth of so many brands whose success will continue to improve life on earth,” said Christie & Co founder Gillian Christie. “We are using our 30 years of experience to reinforce our purpose of scaling companies that are making the world a better place.”

Natural Grocers Hosts 3rd Annual Beauty Bonanza

Natural Grocers is inviting customers to create a cleaner and more sustainable personal care regimen with its third annual Body Care & Beauty Bonanza. Customers can enjoy savings, free samples, prizes and education through May 20. The products include clean products for a cleaner Earth. Customers can "clean up" their everyday beauty and hygiene routines with discounts on products, prizes and more.

Lief Expands Services 

Lief Labs has launched its Premier Label premium product collections to offer gummies that work with a variety of products, including various vitamins, collagen, and children's supplements. In addition, Lief’s new offering of USDA-Certified Organic Tablets work with a product range, including multivitamins, prenatal vitamins, and probiotic blends. As an added convenience, through Lief’s Premier Label services, Lief can also assist with the organic certification process through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) at a monetary fee. 

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