Mushroom Wisdom came into being in its first incarnation, namely Maitake Products, almost 30 years ago with the express goal of sharing some extraordinarily promising research on the Maitake mushroom, which at that time, was not well known. As time went on, we increased the number of mushrooms to 11 which then led to our current name, Mushroom Wisdom – and our goal has stayed the same, to share the wonderful health supporting gifts of these amazing natural remedies.

Our Primary FocusAll that we do in our efforts to bring to you, the retailer, the practitioner, and the consumer the best and most effective mushroom products is centered on marrying the traditional wisdom about mushrooms with the cutting edge science that has been going on (and growing) for the last 50 years.

A Mushroom RenaissanceWe are living in exciting “mushroom times” with the growing awareness and acceptance of mushrooms as health allies coupled with our expanding understanding and knowledge of their uses and applications thanks to the ever-expanding amount of research being performed. And just as it was in our beginning days, MW is proud to be a leading contributor to this knowledge base.

Expanding AwarenessThe most widely recognized structure/function claim for virtually any of the mushrooms in the marketplace is supporting healthy immune function – certainly a claim well-grounded in the research (perfect for these immunity stressing times).* But this is only the tip of their health-supporting actions. These mushrooms also offer a vast array of health-promoting benefits that include, but are not limited to, supporting cardiovascular, respiratory, liver, kidney, and brain health that are certainly worth exploring.*

What Sets MW ApartIt all starts with how the mushrooms are grown. To ensure the mushrooms contain the right constituents and have their natural energetics, MW goes to great lengths to grow their mushrooms in a way that mirrors nature. Two examples of this are that we grow our Reishi on logs, not on grains, and our Poria is grown on pine logs buried in the ground, just as they would be growing in nature. We also grow them in habitats that mirrors the forest canopy that they would be growing under in the wild.

New With MWThere have been two recent product name changes:
  • Amyloban 3399® is now Lion’s Mane Amyloban® to help make it clear to everyone that Amyloban is a Lion’s Mane-based product.
  • Grifron Maitake, our original product, is now a part of the Super Mushroom line of single mushrooms and is called Super Maitake.
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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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