Company DescriptionFor close to 3 decades, Mushroom Wisdom has been sharing the finest and most effective mushroom supplements, supported by science while grounded in tradition. Mushrooms have a very long history of use, often dating back centuries, and in the last 75 or so years a growing body of research has been examining them which is why we have the slogan: “Science Complimenting Ancient Wisdom.”

Mushroom Wisdom is committed to providing you with the finest, and most effective mushroom supplements in the world. We recognize the importance and significance of how the mushrooms are grown, affecting their constituents, energetics and actions. Respecting this importance, we work hard to honor the natural world, mirroring their natural habitat and growing conditions in order to provide you optimally effective mushroom products.

All our products go through rigorous quality control tests and measures, all to ensure their safety and quality, helping you on your healing path.

Key Market Areas• Immune Support* • Medicinal Mushrooms* • Cardiovascular Health* • Liver Support* • Antioxidants* • Healthy Brain Support* • Memory, Focus, and Mental Clarity Assistance* • Healthy Blood Sugar* • Energy and Endurance* • Healthy Lung Function* • Healthy Kidney Function* • Skin Health* • Overall Health and Vitality*

Major Products/Service OfferingsMaitake D-Fraction® PRO 4Xin liquid and tablets for extra strong immune support.*Maitake D-Fraction® Standardin liquid and capsules for daily immune support.*Maitake SX-Fraction®to help support healthy blood sugar levels.*Amyloban® 3399,a unique extraction of the Lion’s Mane mushroom containing standardized levels of key active constituents.Super Lineconsisting of 11 individual concentrated mushroom extracts.

What’s New?The latest Mushroom Wisdom addition is to the Super line. It’s the traditional remedy known as Fu Ling, or Poria mushroom. This mushroom is one of the most widely used ingredients in Traditional Chinese Medicine patent formulas, where it is utilized to remove the buildup of “dampness” in the body. Dampness can manifest in the body as sluggish digestion, brain fog and mucus buildup, particularly in the respiratory system. Like all the mushrooms in the Super line, Poria has also demonstrated immune health supporting acitivity.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.