As we all know, 2020 has not been the year we planned for. As we enter the last month of this crazy year, hopefully we can see a brighter future on the horizon. During these trying times, we saw true heroes emerge, and we are so grateful. So, as we close out this year of uncertainties, we know one thing is certain: The 2020 Person of the Year can only be the heroes of this pandemic. We are proud to share their stories.

We thank all of you for helping your customers and communities stay healthy during this pandemic. Your work is truly appreciated. Consumers now know about more than vitamin C—they know about elderberry, zinc, silver, oil of oregano, vitamin D, glutathione, quercetin, nasal sprays, and so much more thanks to the education the natural products community has shared with them. And they are buying these products to support their wellbeing, so much that it has been a challenge to keep products in stock!

AtWholeFoodsMagazine, we are proud that we kept you informed all year long to help you stay open and help your customers. During this year, we are so appreciative of our customers who stayed with us, and all our readers and our many new followers. Our staff has been nonstop updating you with the latest need-to-know information to ensure you have the tools you needed.

We hope you have also enjoyed the addition of our Naturally Informed virtual event series, which debuted this year. As the effect COVID-19 would have on trade shows became clear, we knew we had to do our part to ensure that education remained to be available. We worked hard to make sure Naturally Informed events have delivered the highest caliber of education, brought directly to you at your convenience, available for viewing live so you can engage with the experts to get your questions answered, as well as on demand, so you and your entire staff can view at your convenience in your store, office, or home. If you have participated in one of our Naturally Informed events, you have enjoyed the benefits. If not, you can catch all three—discussing immune health, sustainability, and the microbiome—on demand On the site, you can also see what we have in store for you in 2021. Please mark your calendars forMental Wellness: Mastering the Market,in January;NutriBeauty,in April;Active Nutrition,in June; andHealthy Aging,in September.

Speaking of calendars, our Planning Calendar for 2021 is polybagged with this issue. It contains the most up-to-date information on live events as well as virtual events, including the Naturally Informed event series.

And while I am taking the time to recognize people who have gone above-and-beyond to promote wellness, I would like to recognize Richard Passwater, Ph.D. We know you have enjoyed our popular column Vitamin Connection for decades. It has been a mainstay in WholeFoods Magazine. This year, Dr. Passwater will be taking a much-deserved retirement from monthly deadlines. He will still contribute an article from time to time, as he has more groundbreaking science that he wants to share. Personally, I cannot wait to read what he will report on next.

One last thing I want to share with you: We have introduced you to Eli Codes for retail, but there is more. Please start looking for Eli Codes in advertisements. By using the camera on your phone, you will be able to see the ads come to life and bring you special messages. Please enjoy this issue dedicated to you and our other Frontline Heroes. We wish you the best this holiday season, and hopefully a better 2021.

From all of us atWholeFoods,we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.