In 2017, hemp CBD products made headlines in Indiana when the state decided to unquestionably legalize hemp-derived CBD, and one of the prominent trailblazers in support of these efforts was Jordan Fink, of Adele’s Naturally. Originally named “Sunflower Seed West”, Adele’s Naturally was founded by a woman with a passion for health and wellness, and has been serving the Evansville community since the ‘70’s. What started out as a small supplement shop has become the epicenter of the hemp CBD evolution.

Fink got into the Certified Business of Disruption by attending a lecture by PlusCBD Oil™ spokesperson, Stuart Tomc, who inspired him to bring the products to their local independent health food store. He earned the title, “Mr. CBD”, due to his fortitude around the category and continuing  to stock PlusCBD Oil™ despite public uncertainty. After Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill to allow the sale of hemp CBD in the state, sales exploded.

“The biggest trouble that we had was getting on top of inventory,” says Fink. “We had so many people that were coming in and demand just exploded overnight, that we just could not get on top of it. It didn’t matter how much product we ordered, we would have people waiting here when FedEx would arrive, or UPS would arrive.”

How did one small natural products store in Indiana cause a positive disruption across the state? Join the PlusCBD Oil™ team in this Retailer Spotlight, to learn more about how Fink earned his fame and changed the lives of many.
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